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Duplicate a player

You can easily duplicate a player to make a copy in your current group, or to copy it to another group. 

Duplicated players will create an exact copy of a player, as well as, optionally, a copy of the videos that are in that player's playlist. The duplicated videos will be added to your video library and the duplicated player will be added to you player list.
Note: If you duplicate a player into a different group, your player events will only copy over if the destination group has events enabled. Player analytics will not be duplicated. 

  1. From the Content menu, click Players. Hover over the video you want to duplicate. Click Advanced, then Duplicate.
    The player hover screen has an Advanced menu, with the Duplicate option. 
  2. Select the group where you want the duplicated player to appear from the Organization To Copy To dropdown. The current group is selected by default. 
  3. Enter a name for the duplicate player.
  4. Use the Duplicate Videos checkbox to determine whether or not the videos within this player will be copied. 
  5. Click Duplicate.
    The Duplicate Player options allow you to select the organization to copy the player to, a name for the new player, and whether or not to duplicate the videos.  
  6. The player will duplicate and the new duplicated player will appear in your player list.
    The duplicated player.

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