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Default general player settings

 Default player settings allow you to set default behaviors, ads, or IP whitelists for all players belonging to an individual group or groups within your organization. 

Default player settings are useful because they inherit downward. In other words, you can either:
  1. Set default player settings at the parent level of your organization. These settings will then apply to all subgroups; or,
  2. Set default player settings within an individual subgroup. These settings will then apply to all players within that specific subgroup.

Note: Changes to default player settings apply to all future-created players. Changes to existing players will have to be applied manually or as a bulk asset change.

From the Content menu, click Defaults.
In the content menu, click Defaults.

Set general settings under the General tab:
Default General settings tab.

Default player behaviors

Toggle the ON/OFF switches to turn on or off the features below, then click Save Changes

  • Autoplay: This causes the video to play automatically when the player loads.
    Note: Learn here which embed methods support autoplay
  • Disable pausing: Prevent viewers from pausing the video.
  • Mute by default: Mute the player by default. Viewers will have to unmute it to hear audio.
  • Show "Up Next": A small box displays on the player in the final 5 seconds of the video, showing which video is up next in the playlist. 
  • Sharing Page: Enables the player's sharing page. 
  • Comments on sharing page: Allows viewers to comment on a player's sharing page. 
  • Hide Playlist: Hides the playlist button on the player so viewers can not expand and toggle through the playlist. 
  • Disable Default Events: Your Default Events will not be added to new players. 
  • Disable Legacy Mode: If enabled, new players will not load in unsupported browsers. Otherwise, the player will play with limited functionality.
    Learn about how Vidyard players act in unsupported browsers.

Behavior settings options. To the left of each setting label is an ON/OFF toggle switch.

Default Player IP Range Whitelist

A default Player IP Range Whitelist allows you to can prevent visitors outside of the specified IP range from watching your Vidyard players. You can set a default whitelisted IP range here, which will be applied to all future players. 

  1. To set a default Player IP Range Whitelist, enter a specific IP address or specify a block of IP addresses using CIDR notation. (E.G.
  2. Click Add
  3. Optionally, Configure Player Style or Advanced Options before you save. 
  4. Click Save Changes.
    Default Player IP Range Whitelist field. To the right of the field is an Add button.

Default Secure Platform Whitelist

The Secure Platform Whitelist allows you to restrict playback to the following secure platforms by default. This option is required for players being shared on:

  • Salesforce Chatter
  • User authenticated Video Hubs
  • Single Sign-On Branded Sharing Pages
  • Secure web portals using JSON web tokens

Simply select the Restrict to secure platforms checkbox, then click Save.

Secure Platform Whitelist option

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