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Watermark your Videos

Placing a watermark on an image or video is a common practice when it comes to branding your assets. A subtle watermark in the corner reminds the viewer where the content comes from and can serve as a link to your homepage, or to more content. Vidyard allows you to add your own custom watermark to all of your players.

Note: Remember that a brand watermark will appear on all existing and future players. To keep your players loading as quickly as possible, try to keep your image to under 100KB in size.

To add a watermark to your players, complete the following steps:  

  1. From the Content menu, click Defaults.
    Content menus, Defaults option.
  2. Click the Watermarks tab.
  3. Click +Upload Watermark.
  4. Select a file from your computer and click Open.
  5. Click to select the corner of the player where you want the logo to appear.
    Click a corner to place the Watermark. 
  6. Use the Size and Opacity sliders to adjust the look of the watermark.
  7. Use the Horizontal and Vertical padding sliders to adjust the positioning of the watermark.
    Four sliders: Size, Opacity, Horizontal, Verticle 
  8. Optionally, provide a URL if you want a webpage to open when the watermark is clicked.
    The Link Watermark field 
  9. Toggle Always Visible to OFF if you want the watermark to be visible only when the viewer’s mouse hovers over the player.
  10. If you want to preview the changes, click Preview Changes.
  11. Click Save.

Note: To delete a watermark, click the trashcan icon. 

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