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Restrict playback to a secure platform

The Secure Platform Whitelist restricts playback so that the selected player can only be viewed on a secure platform (for example: Salesforce Chatter, User authenticated video hubs, Single Sign-On Branded Sharing Pages, or Secure web portals using JSON Web Tokens).
  • For the secure player to be shared using Chatter, you need both Vidyard for Salesforce and Vidyard for Chatter set up and enabled on your account.
  • For the secure player to be viewed on a Vidyard Video Hub, you need a Vidyard Video Hub with SSO (Single Sign-On) user authentication set up.
  • For the secure player to be viewed on a Branded Sharing Page, you need a Vidyard Sharing Page with SSO user authentication set up.

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To restrict a player to a secure platforms

From the Content menu click Players.

Hover your cursor over the player and click Security.
Hovering over a player to click Security.

Under the Restrictions tab, scroll to the Secure Platform Whitelist section.

The Restrictions tab, located under the Security tab. 

Click the Restrict to a secure platforms checkbox. 

Click the Restrict to Secure Platforms checkbox.

Click Save.

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