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Trim a video

You can shorten a video right in Vidyard with video trimming. When you shorten a video with the Vidyard Trim feature, a new video will be created with the trimmed clip you selected. This way you will always have access to the full-length video if you need it!


  • Video trim feature: If you don't have this feature contact your CSM to enable it. 
  • This feature is optimized for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Some features may not work properly on other browsers. 

Open the video you want to trim 

From the Content menu click Videos.
Note: This will reveal your video library. All your uploaded videos are available here. 

From the Content menu, select Videos.

Hover over the video you want to edit and click Trim.

Hover over your video and click Trim.

Note: If you can't see the Trim tab, you can enable it in the Feature store. 

Video Trim tab.

Trim the video

  1. The trim feature shows a timeline of the video, with a preview. Use the left Trim bar to determine the start time of your new trimmed video, and use the right Trim bar to determine the end time of your new trimmed video. You can drag the Trim bars to move them, or you can use the Timecode field to enter a specific time.
    Note: Using the Specific Timecode field is the most accurate way to select the precise moment in the video that you want. The Timecode is broken down into Hours:Minutes:Seconds:Millisecond.
    Note: The seek bar allows you to select a moment in the video to watch.
    Video trim options, showing the Timestamp, Trim bars, and Seek bar.
  2. Once you have set the trim bars, click Preview to watch the video clip you have selected. This will show you what the new trimmed video will display.
    Video trim preview button. Note: The Preview feature is not supported by Internet Explorer or Edge browsers. If you're having trouble with the Preview function try again in Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. 
  3. Once you are happy with your trimmed video selection, click Save.  This will begin your video trimming process.
    Video trim Save button.  
  4. You'll see a notification telling you your video is being trimmed. Remember that the trimmed video will be created as a new video, and your original video will remain unchanged. 
  5. Click Video details to add a name, description, and other settings for your new video!
    Alert: your trimmed video is being created. The trimmed video is a new video, click Video Details, to set the metadata.

Manage your new video 

  1. In your new video settings area, you can name, set a description, tags, captions, or anything else you need for your new video. Remember, the trimmed video is now its own video asset, so you must set these details.
    Name your new video. In the Video Details area.  
  2. Your new trimmed video can be found in your video Library. Return to the Dashboard My Players area to add this video to a player.
    The trimmed video will be found in your video library.

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