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Create a new caption

Create captions for your videos from scratch, right from inside Vidyard!

If you don't have an SRT or VTT caption file for your video, Vidyard's caption authoring tool allows you to make your own. Adding captions to your videos make them more accessible, more SEO friendly, and allows you to broaden your viewership to speakers of other languages. 

Captions are set at the video level, meaning that if you add captions to an individual video, those captions will be available for that video in any players where you add that video. 

Go to the Captions tab for the video you want to caption

From the Content menu click Videos.
Note: This will reveal your video library. All your uploaded videos are available here. 

From the Content menu, select Videos.

Hover over the video you want to edit and click Captions.

Hover over your video and click Captions.

Create a new caption

  1. Click New Caption, then Create.
    The New Caption dropdown contains Create as its first menu item. 
  2. Select a language from the Caption Language dropdown and click Ok. This should reflect the language you will write your captions in.
    A pop-up language selection tool offers a dropdown. OK is in the bottom left corner. 
  3. Click + Add Cue to open an empty caption cue.
    + Add Cue is in the top left corner of the player preview screen. 
  4. An empty cue will appear. Enter your cue text and use the time stamps to determine the beginning and end time for this cue.
    A text bubble points to two time fields, and under the time fields is a blank text box. On the top right of the text box is the Ok button. 
  5. Click Ok. Your cue will be added to your cue list on the right-hand cue list.
    To the right of the player preview is a list of cues.  
  6. Repeat steps 3 - 5 to add as many captions as you need. 
  7. You can edit the caption by clicking cues in the cue list. 
  8. When you're finished adding cues, click Save Changes.
    The Save Changes button appears across the bottom of your screen. 
  9. After you've saved your captions, go back to the Captions tab. Your new caption will appear on the list, marked as Approved
  10. To publish your caption, click Publish All Approved.
    Note: Any other approved captions will also be published.
    The Publish All Approved button is above the captions list, beside the New Caption menu. 

That's it! You've now created your very own captions, congratulations! Preview your player to see your handiwork in action. 

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