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Add a default popout event

Note: if using Vidyard's embed code 4.0, popout events are not supported.

Default Events allow you to add Events to all the players across the group. Learn more about how default events work here.

Find default events

  1. In the Content menu, click Defaults.
    In the Content menu, click Defaults. 
  2. Click the Default Events tab.
    Default Events tab.

Add a default popout event

Popout Events allow you to keep viewers moving forward through your content on a path that you control. It also stops them from straying off the path, which can happen if they are allowed to click out of your content or be lead away by ads or related videos that aren’t yours.

Here's a basic view of what a Popout Event will look like: 

Preview of a Popout event.

  1. Click + Add Event.
    + Add Event  
  2.  Click Custom Time, then click Next.  
    Note: Custom Time events will play on every video in a playlist. If the video is shorter than the set custom time, the  event will not display.
    Click Custom Time, then click Next.  
  3. Click Popout Event, then click + Add Event.
    Click Popout Event, then + Add Event.  
  4.  Your event editor will appear below. Use the time indicator to select the time when the event will display. 
  5. Use the Editor area to create your event body. You can quickly add text fields, forms, and social sharing buttons using the Event Builder button. Learn more about the Event Builder here.
    Note: You can also edit the HTML in the Source code area.
    A view of the WYSIWYG editor. 
  6. Set the transparency and width of the Event.
  7. Toggle the options switches to ON or OFF to determine the following:
    Transparancy, width, and toggle optionsDisplay Once: The Event will be displayed a single time per player load
    New Contact: The Event will display for users we have not cookied.
    Prefill form: If the viewer has filled the form in the past, the form will be filled if they load the player again.
    Skippable: The Event will have a Skip option on the top right.
    Leave Open: The Event will remain open for the remainder of the video, and will stay open after the video has finished playing.
  8. If you would like to preview your saved Event, simply play the video in the preview panel.
  9. Toggle the Publish switch to ON for the Default Event to be active upon saving. Set it to OFF if you want the Event to remain a draft after saving.
    Toggle the Publish switch to ON and click Save.  
  10. Click Save.
  11. After you save the Event it will appear in the Default Events list, and on every player in your group. 

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