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Personalized Video API

Vidyard’s personalized video API gives you the ability to post contact details (name, email address, etc) to Vidyard's personalized video generator, in order to render new copies of your personalized video. It then sends you back this information, with the addition of a personalized video ID, so you can send the video to your client. On your end, you set up the application which sends the contact details to us, and an application which sends the video to your contact once we send back the video ID. This gives you the ability to reuse a personalized video multiple times, and send it to as many leads as you'd like. 

Note: Before you begin, your team will have created a unique video to be personalized. In order to do this, your team will have to work with Vidyard to create a video with the right shots for personalized video

How it works

  1. Decide where you want the player for your personalized video to be viewed. You could embed the player on a landing page, or use a branded sharing page
  2. Collect the data you need from your intended recipients. You could collect this information through a form, your contact list - any place you'd like. 
  3. Send an HTTP POST of the personalization data (first name, last name, company name, etc.) to our API as form data.
    Note: Our API will confirm receipt of the request immediately, and generate a personalized video based on this lead's details. 
  4. Vidyard will POST the following JSON data back to a provided endpoint, with the customID for the newly personalized video.
    Note: The customID is the unique identifier for this contact's personalized video and thumbnail.
        uuid: "custom_id", 
          Any fields required for the video. Field names will be provided by Vidyard.
          Any additional fields provided in initial form submission. 
  5. Send the user to the landing page with the player embedded, using the landing page URL with the custom ID appended by the vycustom_id query string.
  6. When the landing page is loaded with the custom ID query string, that contact's personalized video will load. 

It's very important to remember that you need to set up a web application to receive Vidyard's JSON data callback when we POST your contact's data back with the custom ID. Your application should then take that data and use it to deliver the personalized video to each contact. This application can be created and hosted in any way you like, as long as you send each lead the custom thumbnail and custom video ID for their individual personalized video. 

Example: Send a personalized video on form submission

You can use this API to create a form on your website which sends a personalized video email. 

  1. Set up an HTML email in your email automation platform.
  2. Use a merge tag to merge in the personalized thumbnail. Your personalized video thumbnail will be found at<UUID>.jpg?customID=123456789. (Replace <UUID> with your personalized video player UUID, and 123456789 with the custom ID for that viewer). 
  3. Use a merge tag to link the personalized thumbnail to the personalized video URL.
    Example: (replace with the URL of your landing page, and 123456789 with the custom ID for that viewer. 

For an example of how this could look, check out the personalized video example on the Vidyard website.

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