Get to know the Vidyard Live player

Your live stream Vidyard player gives you access to detailed viewer analytics, and all the robust controls of a Vidyard player, plus some live stream-specific features. Learn about those live-stream specific features right here!

Channel-style streaming

The Vidyard Live player provides channel-style streaming, which allows you to broadcast a stream into your player multiple times by providing you with one set of stream credentials that does not expire. This means you can embed or share one live player, then stream to that same player as many times as you want. You can start and stop your stream, creating multiple on-demand video assets in your player, then later broadcast your next stream into the same player - even if it is from a different location. 

You can do this an unlimited number of times until you end the Live player in the Vidyard live stream dashboard. At that point the stream (or streams) will automatically become an on-demand video of your stream within the same player, making your content available from the same embed locations. 

Note: If you don't have access to Channel-style streaming, contact your Customer Success Manager or Support. 

Interactive player events

Just like with any Vidyard player, you can add interactive events to your live stream player to increase engagement and conversion, or to support your streamed content with additional information. You can add a pre-roll event to a Vidyard Live player to capture lead data, or display extra information before a stream begins, or you can add a post-roll event which will display once you have ended the Live player stream and the video has become an on-demand asset. 

Live stream DVR

Live stream DVR (Digital Video Recorder) in Vidyard players allows viewers to pause and rewind streamed video during the live broadcast. Below is a view of the DVR player controls. The viewer can jump to any time in the video, or click Live to jump to the live broadcast. 

Live stream player controls.

Countdown timer 

Before your live stream begins, viewers watching your player will see a timer which counts down to your start time.
Note: The start time will display the time zone of the viewer who loaded the player.

Livestream player countdown timer screen

Live stream captioning support

The Vidyard Live player supports live stream captioning. It will display live captions in any language, as long as they are provided in the CEA-608 or CEA-708 format.

Note that the Vidyard Live player supports live stream captions, but we do not provide them. If you need help getting set up with a live captioning service, please contact your CSM - we are happy to make a recommendation to you. 

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