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Vidyard Feature Store

[Note:  If you do not have access to the Feature Store and you'd like to try it out, contact your Customer Success Manager.]

Vidyard has just released a brand new Feature Store to give you and your team more control over your Vidyard account. Use the Feature Store to install or request new features, uninstall features you're not using, and see all the features you already have all in one place.

Note: Only group administrators have permission to install and request features. Users in any non-administrator role will be able to see the feature store as view-only. 

To access the Feature Store, click the Group menu, then click Features.  
Group menu, click Features.

All Vidyard's available features are listed in the store. You can hover over each feature tile for a short description, or click it for details, and to install, or request it. 

When you click a feature tile, you will have the option to manage that feature. There are four statuses your feature can have:

  • Install: Tiles with the Install button can be installed immediately. 
  • Request: You can click Request on some features to request a demo of that feature, or talk to a Vidyardian about it a bit more. 
  • Requested: Tiles with the faded Requested button indicate that you've requested a demo of that feature. A Vidyardian will contact you shortly! 
  • Uninstall: The  Uninstall button indicates that you currently have this feature installed. You can click this button to uninstall the feature, but note that you will lose all features and data associated with that feature. 

You can filter the features based on whether you have the features, or whether they can be installed or requested. 

Dropdown list to filter based on Installed, Installable, Request Demo, or Requested.

You can also filter features based on their category: 

Feature store categories.

That's it! Take a look around and tailor your Vidyard account to your video strategy. 

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