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How player resolution is selected

Vidyard players intelligently determine the best possible resolution for each viewer. Each time the player loads, the player thinks about all the factors that are affecting playback quality for that viewer, and makes dynamic adjustments to ensure that the viewer's experience is always the best it can be. 

The quality adjustment settings on a Vidyard player will be set to Auto by default. 

View of the Vidyard player quality settings.

The Auto quality setting will calculate the highest possible resolution for each viewer based on playback performance for that viewer, the size of the embedded player, and of course, the resolution of the uploaded video. 

Here is how the player calculates the optimal resolution quality for your viewer:

  • Resolution will adapt in response to the size of the embedded player. This includes when the player size changes - for example, when viewers enter and exit fullscreen mode.
  • Players will adapt to low bandwidth situations by downgrading the video resolution when a video has too much buffering. This is because most viewers would prefer to watch a lower resolution video over experiencing buffering, which interrupts playback altogether.

If you want to override Auto player quality settings for a particular embed location, you can add a query string to the end of the embed code for that location. This will force the viewer to stream at the resolution that you determine in the query string.
Note: The viewer will still have the ability to change to a higher or lower resolution using the player controls.
Note: The player will still use intelligent resolution selection to automatically lower the resolution in the case of extended buffering.

To do this, just add the following query string to the end of the embed code. You can use any of these values where you see 1080p below: 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p.


Below is an example of what this will look like: 

<script type='text/javascript' id='vidyard_embed_code_GXO7qhOX1VZU0gWOQYAGk' src='//'></script>

You can also add this same query string to the end of URL's for Sharing Pages, Branded Sharing Pages and links to videos in a Video Hub. Here's what that would look like:

Note: If the video quality that you specify in the query string is not a valid option, (ie. 1080 is specified, but the video has a maximum of 720) then the player will default to the Auto quality setting. 

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