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Why am I not able to receive a Vidyard account invite email?


Having trouble receiving an email invite to the Vidyard platform? The following suggestions may help you gain access to the platform:

  1. Check your inbox, spam/junk and deleted folders for an invite from the Vidyard Team (
    Email from the Vidyard Team. 
  2. Have your Vidyard account administrator send an invite to a secondary email address.
    View of administrator inviting a user.Note: Your Vidyard account administrator can find out how to invite a userin this article.
  3. Check your secondary account inbox, spam/junk and deleted folders for an invite from the Vidyard Team (

    Note: It's recommended to engage your IT administrator and have them whitelist the address before proceeding with the workaround below or

Optional Workaround

Update your account address as desired by performing these steps:

  1. Delete the Vidyard account invite that was sent to the address you'd like to use. This is required because changing your email login will fail if there is a pending invite.
    Password confirmation.You can delete a pending invite by hovering over the invite and clicking the trash can.
    User not confirmed. Delete an account invite. 
  2. Once logged into Vidyard, click the avatar located in the bottom left corner and choose My Profile.
    Click My Profile in Vidyard. 
  3. Update to the desired email address and click Update.
    The email field in the Edit Profile section. 
  4. Enter your account password when prompted and click Submit.
    Password confirmation prompt.
    Note: Attempting to log in with your previous email account will fail and you should now be able to log into Vidyard with the address defined in step 3 above.

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