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Set up a Sharing Page

You can extend the functionality of your sharing pages by adding your own branding to the sharing page through the use of our Sharing Page feature. When configured on a parent account, the settings of the Sharing Page will take effect on all child groups but can be explicitly set at the child group level to override the parent group settings.

To configure a Sharing Page: 

In the Channels menu, click Sharing Page.  
Branded Sharing Page on the menu.

Design tab

Design tab

On the Design tab, you can configure the following options:
Background Color: Choose a color for your page by selecting from the palette provided.
Brand Logo: You can include a logo for your brand by clicking the + Upload. The logo will appear underneath your player.
Footer Opacity: Change the opacity of the comments footer. This option will only appear if you've enabled Allow Comments in the Options tab.

Note: Click View Page to see how the page will look. Click Save Changes before you preview. 

Design tab options

Settings tab

Settings tab

On the Options tab configure a CNAME Domain or Vidyard Subdomain for your Branded Sharing Page

If choosing a CNAME Domain you must create a subdomain CNAME record for your domain (E.G that points to Visitors to your subdomain will be directed to your Sharing Page hosted by Vidyard while preventing them from seeing the Vidyard domain name. If choosing a Vidyard Subdomain you only have to choose a subdomain name (E.G

See our explanatory video for more information about CNAMEs and how to use them.

Optionally, use the toggle switches to configure the following settings:

Show player title:  The player title will appear above the player.
Show player description: The player description will display below the player.
Allow downloads: Displays a download button where users can download a copy of the video. 

Options page

Integrations tab

Integrations tab

On the Integrations tab, you can add a tracking ID for one or more of following third-party applications: Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, Pardot, Act-On, HubSpot, and Drift.

You can also choose to add comments beneath each player on the sharing page by enabling Disqus, a third-party comment hosting service. 

Note: A Disqus account is not mandatory to enable comments. However, if you do have an account, you can enter your forum shortname to link comments from a sharing page to your account.

Advanced tab

Advanced tab

On the Advanced tab, you can add your own custom CSS styling and HTML to your sharing page. If you don't see this option, please email Vidyard Support.

Optionally, click + Upload to add a background image to the page. 

Click Save Changes when you're finished. After you save you can click View Page to preview your changes. 

Security tab

Security tab

Branded Sharing Page Security must be enabled on your account before you can access security features. Contact your Customer Success Manager to have this feature enabled.

On the Security tab, you can configure and enable SAML SSO (Single Sign-On) for your branded sharing page. This means that only viewers authenticated through an IdP (identity provider) will be able to securely view video content on your sharing page.

See our knowledge article for more information on how to set up SSO for your sharing page.

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