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Firewall requirements for video playback

For successful playback of Vidyard embedded video players, access to the domain must be allowed on your network. If the Vidyard CDN (Content Delivery Network) is blocked, the video player cannot access the video stream to display the video resulting in the following error:

We're sorry, but something went wrong. Please refresh and try again.
Error Code: 200

Player error.


Allow access to the * domains. Specifically, access to the following subdomains must be granted:

  • (HTTP or HTTPS)
  • (HTTP or HTTPS)
  • (HTTP or HTTPS)
  • (HTTP or HTTPS)
  • (HTTP or HTTPS)
  • (HTTP or HTTPS)

To log into the Vidyard dashboard and view sharing pages, the following domains must be allowed:

If the issue still persists, confirm that application layer filtering - HTTP traffic and av scanning downloads over HTTP - aren't also blocking the player from playing back the video.

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