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Introducing the Contacts Center

Take a little tour of the Contacts Center!

The Vidyard Contacts Center is a consolidated database of everything Vidyard knows about every viewer who has watched your players. It provides granular data on the viewing behavior of each individual viewer, as well as any insights on the viewers that Vidyard has gathered, including metadata and social channels.

With the Contacts Center you can:

  • Segment data by Anonymous (unknown), Identified, or All Viewers
  • Filter data by date range, players, videos, embed locations, countries, emails, and IP ranges
  • View granular video consumption data per individual viewer
  • Subscribe to receive updates on an individual viewer’s behavior 

To access the Contacts Center:

In the Insights menu, click Contacts.
In the Insights menu, click Contacts

Quick tour of the Contacts Center

The Contacts Center home screen displays a list of recent viewers of your video content. This initial view will show you the video-by-video engagement data of each of viewer identified in the Vidyard platform. You can filter this information to show All Viewers, Anonymous viewers, or Identified viewers.

Note: For further information on identifying viewers in Vidyard, see our article on Associating an email address with view data to identify viewers.

Overview of the Contact Center main page 

The viewer data bar graphs represent the timeline of your video, and the viewer’s attention span for each section. The colors represent how many times that section of the video was consumed. White sections were not watched, green sections were watched once, and yellow and red represent progressively more views.
Legend for individual contact view data.

The map at the bottom of the Contacts Center show you geographically where all of your viewers are located:

Geography Map showing the location of contacts

View Individual Contact Data

Click any contact to view all available data about that contact.

You can see:

  • All viewing data, including viewer location, device, which videos they have watched, and detailed viewing behavior data.
  • All associated contact information including the contact email address, and any publicly available details, such as name, company, title, photo, and social media information.

Note: If contact has not been identified you will still see viewing behavior, but the contact details will display as unknown.
Note: If an email is associated with a previously unknown contact, that information will be retroactively associated with previous viewing behavior.

Overview of an individual contact card

Follow the engagement of a particular viewer by clicking Subscribe from within their Contact record.
Subscribe to contact button

If you no longer wish to receive updates on the viewer engagement of that viewer, click Unsubscribe

Subscribe to contact button

Note: Any contacts you are subscribed to will display a small green envelope icon when viewed in the contact list view.
Envelope icon next to subscribed contact

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