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Vidyard admins - Get your organization started with GoVideo Enterprise for Gmail

Setting up GoVideo Enterprise for your team? Get ready for a huge shift in engagement because you're about to empower your team to make a personal connection with leads and clients like never before! 

In this article you will: 

  1. Set up GoVideo Enterprise for your organization
  2. Invite your team to use GoVideo Enterprise
  3. Provide video assets to your team
  4. Get a sense of how your team uses GoVideo Enterprise

Step 1: Set up GoVideo Enterprise for your organization


  • Admin role in a Vidyard account
  • The following features enabled in your Vidyard account:
    • GoVideo Enterprise feature
    • Parent Accounts feature
    • Custom Roles feature
Please speak with your Customer Success Manager to have these features enabled.

Integrate Vidyard to your MAP or CRM

If you have not yet set up your MAP or CRM integrations, let's do it now.

  1. From the Feature Store of your Parent Account, find the Integration that you want to set up.
    Note: If the feature is already installed, skip to step 3. 
  2. Click Install or Request to set up any MAP (marketing automation platform) or CRM (customer relationship management).
  3. Once the feature is installed, set up your integration. Go to our integrations listing to find the setup steps for your MAP or CRM. 

Important: Once you have set up your integration in your parent account, each new GoVideo user account that is made will be integrated as well. The viewing analytics for videos sent by your GoVideo users will push to the MAP or CRM you have integrated. Enjoy!  

Note: If there are any GoVideo accounts which you do not want to integrate, please contact Support. (However, unless in very select cases, you do want them to integrate - data pushing to your MAP or CRM is awesome).  

Set up a branded sharing page for your organization

Set up a branded sharing page for all GoVideo accounts in your organization

When you send a GoVideo Enterprise recording, your viewers watch these videos on a sharing page. By default, the sharing page is GoVideo branded, but you have the option to setup a branded sharing page to customize the look of this page to match your own branding. 

  1. To start, you will need to contact your Custom Success Manager (CSM) or Vidyard Support to configure your branded sharing page so that it applies to GoVideo groups. Ask your support or success agent to enable the GoVideo Organizations configuration to your branded sharing page feature. 
  2. Go into the parent account for your organization and set up a branded sharing page.
  3. Once you've set up a branded sharing page for your parent account, it will automatically apply to all the GoVideo accounts which are attached to your organization. 
  4. Now visit the sharing page for a GoVideo video in your organization to ensure that the branded sharing page has applied properly to your GoVideo accounts.

Note: GoVideo users will see an editable sharing page for their video, not the branded sharing page when they are logged into the GoVideo Chrome extension. 

Optionally, override a branding sharing page for individual GoVideo accounts

Once you set up a branded sharing page for your parent account, all GoVideo accounts will use that branding by default. To override this branding for individual GoVideo Accounts: 

  1. Toggle into the individual GoVideo account that you want to override (Group > Change Group, then select a GoVideo account).
  2. Click Channel > Sharing Page
  3. Click Override Branded Sharing Page.
  4. You can now edit the Branded Sharing Page for that GoVideo organization.
  5. You now need to contact Vidyard Support or your CSM to enable a configuration for the account with an overridden branded sharing page. This will allow their personally designed branded sharing page to display. 

Set up a role for GoVideo users

  1. From the Vidyard dashboard, select Group > Groups and Users
  2. Click Manage Users next to your Parent Account. 
  3. There will be a suggested user role in your Roles and Users list called GoVideo Users. On this role, click + Create Role. This will create the role and all its permissions.
    ViewedIt Users role suggestion with the "Create Role" button highlighted.

Step 2: Invite your team to use GoVideo Enterprise

To Invite a brand new user to GoVideo Enterprise:

  1. From the Vidyard dashboard, click Group > Groups and Users.
  2. In the Parent Group for your account, click + Add User next to the GoVideo Users role.
    Adding users to the GoVideo Users role.
  3. For each user you want to add to your GoVideo team, enter that person's email address, then click Invite User
  4. Each user that you add will receive an email invitation to join your GoVideo Enterprise group.

To Invite an existing user to GoVideo Enterprise:

  1. Click the existing user you wish to add to GoVideo Enterprise, and click Select.
    Once you click a user, click Select.
  2. Click the Options dropdown for that role, and click Invite to GoVideo
  3. Click Invite to confirm the invite.
    The options dropdown menu reveals a Invite to GoVideo option.

The user is now invited to GoVideo, but will remain in their original role with access to their original set of permissions.

If required, whitelist theGoVideo Sharing page domains

If your organization uses a firewall to block unfamiliar domains, you will need to contact IT support at your organization and ask them to whitelist This is because once a GoVideo recording is created, it is then instantly loaded to a sharing page at

Step 3: Provide video assets to your team 

Your GoVideo team will have access to their own video assets by default. To provide access to another Vidyard group (for example, if you want to give your sales team access to your marketing videos), complete the following:

  1. Toggle into the Vidyard Group that contains the videos you want to share (Group > Change Group).
  2. Click + Add Role next to either the Users role or a Custom role (if applicable).
  3. Invite the necessary GoVideo users from the Parent Group to this role. Each user will receive an email invite to add that group's video assets to their GoVideo account.
  4. Each user must accept the email invite before having access to the videos in that Vidyard group.

Step 4: Learn how your team uses GoVideo Enterprise

To learn about how your team experiences GoVideo Enterprise, check out our Getting Started article for GoVideo users.

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