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Send Video Email using Salesforce

One of the most powerful additions to your marketing campaign will be your usage of video to engage your existing contacts and entice new prospects.

By sending a video email, you can reach out to your leads and contacts directly from Salesforce, and embed a thumbnail link to your video content to create a captivating message.

Just like any email sent from Salesforce, Vidyard emails are tracked in the Activity History of the lead or contact. When the recipient views the player, viewership analytics are captured by Vidyard, fed into Salesforce, and tied directly to the individual recipient.

To compose a Vidyard email, complete the following steps:

  1. Log into at
  2. Open a lead or contact.
  3. Click Send Video Email.
    Send Video Email button. 
  4. You will see the playlist app.
    The playlist app.  
  5. Click on Library to select one or more videos to add to your playlist.
    Creating a playlist.  
  6. Once you've selected your videos, click Choose Videos to Create a Playlist.
  7. Click on Create to optionally record or upload your own video from your mobile device or computer.
    Under Record Video click Create from Webcam. 
  8.  Once you've created a playlist, use the adjustment buttons to change the order of the videos in the playlist.
    Compose email. 
  9. To begin sending your message, click Compose Email.
    Compose email page.  
  10. After entering your Subject and Message, use the Preview button to see what your email will look like. To copy another contact on this message, use the CC field. (This field will search your contacts as you type).
  11. Optionally, use the Change Layout button to determine the positioning of the thumbnail in the email message.
  12. Click Send to send your message.

Once you have sent your email, viewer data will be recorded when the recipient opens the player from the link in the email. Data for each lead or contact will be available individually within Salesforce and additional data for the player will be available in the Vidyard Analytics Center.

Note: Check out this article if the Send Video Email is button missing from your contact/lead records. 

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