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Embed video on a Marketo landing page

After synchronizing Marketo and your Vidyard account, we need to ensure that the videos from your library can be shared in a meaningful way to your Marketo leads. By embedding your videos on a Munchkin enabled page, such as a Marketo landing page, the viewers of your videos can be tracked in Marketo as leads allowing you to segment, score and nurture them.

Get the embed code for your player

In order to embed a Vidyard video, you’ll need to decide how you would like your video to appear on your Marketo enabled page. Vidyard offers two options for embedding your video.

Inline embed: Embedding a video inline leaves the player in a fixed position on the page where it can be played.

Lightbox embed: When using the lightbox embedded player, a thumbnail is placed on the page. Visitors clicking the thumbnail will launch the video player in a lightbox.

To obtain the embed code for your player, complete the following steps:

  1. Log into your Vidyard account at
  2. Click the Content menu, then select Players.
    Content menu, click Players.
  3. Hover over the player you wish to share and click Share.
  4. Choose the embed method you wish to use and copy the embed code to your clipboard.
    Note: Vidyard does not recommend using the iframe code for embedding inline players. The Marketo landing page will not track the player if it is embedded using the iframe code.
    Embed codes

Embed the player on a Marketo landing page

  1. Sign into Marketo.
  2. Create a new Marketo landing page or edit an existing one. For help with this, see Marketo documentation on creating a landing page.
  3. While editing the landing page, add an HTML element, or edit an existing one.
  4. In the custom HTML editor, paste the embed code.

Note: After embedding the inline player on your landing page, it will not be visible in the page editor. To see what the player looks like on the page, click Preview Draft.

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