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Set up Vidyard for ExactTarget

As a compelling, interactive medium, video is a perfect addition to any email marketing campaign and now with Vidyard for ExactTarget you can access your entire video library directly from ExactTarget to get your readers’ attention and make the most out of outgoing messages.

These steps will walk you through setting up the Vidyard integration for ExactTarget:


To connect Vidyard to your ExactTarget account, first make sure you have the following account types set up:

  1. A Vidyard account with ExactTarget integration enabled. Not sure if this is enabled in your account? Email Vidyard Support and we can help!
  2. An Interactive Marketing Hub account on ExactTarget.

How to Set Up the Vidyard Integration

To get started with video in your ExactTarget emails, complete the following steps:

  1. Visit the Vidyard for Video in Email page on the ExactTarget HubExchange.
  2. Drag the Vidyard icon into the installer.
    Drag and drop the app.  
  3. Enter your Vidyard credentials into ExactTarget to complete the connection.
    Screen prompting the user to enter Vidyard Login Credentials 
  4. If everything works as intended you should see a screen showing that your Vidyard players have synced properly.
    Vidyard Players Synced.

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