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Create a default email gate for the players in your group

Important: this article refers to events in Vidyard under the previous legacy experience

If you have not upgraded to the new Events Library, speak with your Customer Success Manager for further information. If you are looking for information about events under the new experience, see our updated documentation.

Adding an email gate to your players is one of the simplest ways to turn unknown viewers into known leads by collecting a viewer’s email address upfront, before they see the content. This allows Vidyard to associate that email address with their view data so you can follow up with them based on their level of engagement.

You can add an email gate to an individual player, or use a default event to add the same email gate to all the players in your group. 

This article show you how to use a default event to add the same email gate to all the players in your group.

An example of an email gate event with an email field and submit button in the middle of a Vidyard call to action.

Step 1: Optionally, opt-out individual players

Important: Default events apply to ALL players across your whole group.

If there are players within your group where you do not want the default event to display, you can opt-out individual players from default events. 

  1. Start from inside the group where you want to apply the default event. 
  2. From the player dashboard, hover over the player you want to opt-out of the default event. 
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Under General > Behavior, switch Disable Default Events to ON
  5. Click Save.

Note: This will disable all Default Events in this group for this player. Events set at the individual player level will still display.

Step 2: Go to default events

  1. From inside the group where you want to set the default event, click the Advanced menu, then Default Player Settings
  2. Click the Events tab. This is where you can set default player events.
    Note: Remember - any default player events that you add are added to ALL your players across your whole group.

Step 3: Add your event

  1. Click + Add Event.
  2. Select Pre-Roll, then click Next.
    Note: This sets the event to appear before any videos are played. 
  3. Click Lead Capture, then + Add Event
  4. By default you will see the Email option under Current Fields
  5. Toggle the Send emails to switch to ON and enter an email address if you want an email notification of form submissions. 
  6. Click Done
  7. Optionally, add styling in the Event Builder
  8. Click Generate

Step 4: Publish your Default Event

  1. Check out the way your default event looks in the preview area. If you're happy with it, toggle Skippable to off. 
  2. Toggle Published to ON.
    REMEMBER: Once you click Save, this event will be added to ALL players in your group (except players that you opted out). 
  3. Click Save
  4. Go check out your players - they will now display and email-gate, ensuring all viewers are identified. 

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