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Capture more lead data with progressive profiling

Important: this article refers to events in Vidyard under the previous legacy experience

If you have not upgraded to the new Events Library, speak with your Customer Success Manager for further information. If you are looking for information about events under the new experience, see our updated documentation.

It can be tricky to capture a lot of lead data with forms. The more form fields you present to a lead, the less likely your lead is to fill out your form. 

Progressive profiling allows you to collect more data from a lead over time as they consume more content. It's a fantastic way to build a profile about your leads without overwhelming them with requests for data all at once. 

As your viewer watches a Vidyard player, you can ask for incrementally more information, which is added to their contact data as they fill out each form. 

  1. Choose the form fields you'd like to capture, and the order you'd like to capture them in. In this example, we will request First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number, and Company
  2. Choose how many forms your lead will encounter, and how many fields will be in each.
    Example: In the example below, all the data will be captured progressively over the course of four forms. Each new form only has one or two extra fields, making it very easy for your viewers to fill them out.
    First form:Email Address (empty)
    Second form:Email address (prefilled) First Name (empty) Last Name (empty)
    Third form:Email address (prefilled) Phone number (empty)
    Fourth form:Email address (prefilled) Company (empty)
  3. In your player, create a lead capture event for each form you want to display. Place each form in your player, once after another in the order you determined above. For each form, only add the fields you want to display to the viewer.
  4. If you choose to have any field appear in multiple forms, turn on Prefill form. This will prefill any fields your viewer has already filled. 
  5. Save and publish each event, then use your sharing page to test the forms on your player. 

For more information on creating forms in your events, see our article on how to create a lead capture event.

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