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About Default Events

Important: this article refers to events in Vidyard under the previous legacy experience

If you have not upgraded to the new Events Library, speak with your Customer Success Manager for further information. If you are looking for information about events under the new experience, see our updated documentation.

What are default events?

Turning a regular video into powerful content and a lead gen tool is easy with Vidyard. One of the most popular ways to do this is by adding Events to your video.

Default Events allow you to quickly and easily add the same Event to all the players across your whole group. 

Remember - unlike Default Settings (which affect only new players), Default Events are added to all your players, including new players and players you have already created.
Note: If you want to add different events to each player, you can do that at the player level. 

Learn more about Vidyard Events

Event types

You can add any of the following event types as a default event:

  • Popout event
  • Fullscreen event
  • Lead capture event
  • Marketo form

Note: Annotation events can not be added as a default event. This is because the size and position of an annotation is relative to the size of the player it was created in. Default events are applied to all players, regardless of size, so a single annotation can not be applied across your entire group. 

What if I already have events in my players? 

Default Events are added to all your players, even ones you have already created. This means some players will have Default Events, and Events you set on the individual player. 

Here's a breakdown of exactly how default events work, and how they will interact with any events you may already have:

  • Default Events are set on all players in your group, current and new. A deleted Default Event will be deleted from all players.
  • Default Events that are set to display mid-video will play on every video in the player, all at the same time you set on the Custom Time setting. 
  • Default Events that are set to pre-roll and post-roll will play once, at the beginning and end of the player's playlist.
  • If an existing player has a Fullscreen or Lead Capture event which conflicts with a default event, the existing player event wins, so it will display and the default event won't. 

Learn how to add Default Events to your group!

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