How to use the Vidyard Dashboard API

The Vidyard Dashboard API gives you the ability to manage assets in your Vidyard account; this includes Players, Videos & Tags and metadata related to those assets. This is very valuable for people building integration into Vidyard from other services, or trying to manage a large volume of content programmatically.  The API supports basic Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) actions.


The Vidyard API is available for all active Vidyard accounts.  You will need an API key to authenticate with the API and run requests.

API keys are created for each role that is available in your Vidyard organization. Each role's key will only allow the actions permitted for that role. 

Example: If you have a role that is not allowed to view billing information, an application utilizing the key for that role will be unable to view billing information as well.

Find your API key

  1. Log into your Vidyard account.
  2. Click Group.
  3. Click Integrations.
    Under the Group menu, click Integrations.

Note: Only Admin accounts have the ability to view all API keys. Other roles can only see their own API key.

The API uses JSON to format requests and responses. You will need to include the following items in all API requests:

Header: “Content-Type” | Value: “application/json”

Parameter: “auth_token” | Value: API Key found in the Advanced Menu of the Vidyard Dashboard. This parameter can be passed as a query-string parameter in GET requests, and as a parameter in the body of any POST or PUT.

How to use it

More details on the Dashboard API as well as available endpoint can be found on Vidyard's webpage for external developers.

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