Place a Marketo form in a Vidyard event


  • You need to have the Marketo integration to use this feature. To learn more about the Marketo integration, contact your customer success manager. 
  • The Vidyard player that contains your form Marketo form must be embedded on a webpage with a Marketo cookie in order for the data to pass between the two platforms. 

Create a Marketo Form

  1. From the Vidyard dashboard, navigate to the Event Library by clicking Content > EventsSteps to navigate to the Event Library from the Vidyard Dashboard
  2. Click + New Event
  3. From the Event Type menu, select Marketo Form > CreateEvent Type menu with option to select Marketo Form
  4. You will need to login to Marketo to obtain your Marketo Form ID and Server Name. Both of these can be found in your Marketo Form Embed Code. 
    • Your Marketo Form ID is a numeric value found after <form id="mktoForm_.
    • Your Marketo Server Name is found between // and
      The Form ID and server name are highlighted in the Marketo Form Embed Code.  
  5. Enter your Marketo Server Name and Marketo Form ID into the required fields, then click Apply.Popup window requiring Marketo Server Name and Marketo Form ID fields
  6. Provide your event with a name and description. Use these fields to indicate what the event does and when it should be used.Event editor interface, indicating fields to enter an event name and description, as well as HTML source code populated for Marketo form 
  7. Toggle your Skip Known Lead, Display Once and Skippable options to ON or OFF.
    • Skip Known Lead: Skips showing the form to leads who are known to Marketo. When this is switched OFF, the form will pre-fill and be compatible with progressive profiling
    • Skippable: Allows viewers to skip the form.
    • Display Once: The Event will be displayed a single time per player load.Event editor interface, additional advanced options that determine how your event will behave

Note: Using a Marketo form will not suggest that the lead was created by Vidyard.

Assign the Marketo Form to a video(s)

  1. Click Save, then select the Assign button to apply the form to your video(s)
    • Here you can choose which videos to which the Marketo form should be applied
    • Whether the form should become a default event for all players within your organization
    • The moment at which the Marketo form should appearEvent editor interface, demonstrating where to select the Assign button
  2. Click + Add Video to begin assigning your event
    • Events can be applied to to any video within your group. Click the + button to assign to a video.
    • Videos are organized along the left-hand column according to their players
    • Use the search bar to find videos according to player name, video name, or tagsAssign videos interface, demonstrating how videos are grouped by player as well as how to assign to individual videos
  3. Determine where the event will appear on your selected videos
    • Individual videos: adjust the bar for each video separately to select where the event will appear (choose pre-roll, post-roll or anywhere in between)
    • All selected videos: alternatively, enable Apply to All to position the event at the same location across all selected videos
    • Default Event: apply the event as a default to all videos within your group.Assign videos interface, including options to place the event at different locations for each feed, the same for all, or as a default across all videos in your group
  4. Click Save to finish.

Note: Modifications to form design and layout are best handled from within the Marketo form editor.

To see your Marketo form in action, open the sharing page for a player that contains a video to which the event has been assigned.

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