GoVideo for Outlook (COM Add-in)

Important: It is highly recommended that customers who are able to support the use of Office 365 web apps take advantage of the GoVideo for Outlook (Office 365) integration.

The GoVideo for Outlook COM add-in is intended as a solution for customers who, due to technical limitations, cannot support web apps through Office 365.

The GoVideo for Outlook COM add-in allows you to:

  • Access your existing GoVideo library
  • Create playlists of video content from your personal account or enterprise collection of videos
  • Upload videos to your library through the GoVideo add-in
  • Insert video playlists as a hyperlinked thumbnail into the email text editor
  • Receive a notification when a recipient(s) has watched your video content 

To create new videos, users are encouraged to install the GoVideo Chrome extension in order to access a full suite of recording options. These recordings will then subsequently be available in your video library.


  • A supported version of Windows 7-10 (v.1703+)
  • Outlook 2013 or 2016 only
  • Internet Explorer 11

Install the GoVideo COM Add-in to your computer

Depending on whether you have a 64-bit or 32-bit Windows operating system, ensure that you install the appropriate corresponding add-in.

You can typically find Windows system information within the Control Panel or Windows Settings.

Using GoVideo for Outlook

  1. From your Outlook inbox, select New Email to open a compose windowThe New Email button in the top left-hand corner of the Outlook inbox options panel
  2. Click on the Vidyard GoVideo tab
  3. Select the Vidyard GoVideo Camera Icon
  4. Sign in and use the GoVideo add-in:
    • New Videos: choose the New Video menu to upload a video from your computer
    • Select video: click on the videos in your library to build a playlist. Alternatively, select the title of any video to watch it.
    • Change Groups: choose the Groups dropdown to navigate between video assets from any additional Vidyard groups to which you have been granted access.
    • Playlist tray: click the Selected tab at the button of the add-in to open the playlist tray. Use the playlist tray to arrange the order of your selected videos.
    • Insert button: click Insert to drop your selected videos into the email text editor

The Vidyard GoVideo add-in open on the right-hand side of an email compose window. Demonstrates options to upload a new video, create a playlist and insert video into an email

Outlook email text format

When using the GoVideo for Outlook add-in, ensure that you have either HTML or Rich Text enabled as a text format. The GoVideo add-in does not support use of the Plain Text option.

Outlook compose window text format options, including HTML, Plain text, and Rich Text

Tracking your recipients: the "vyetoken"

When you send a GoVideo recording using the Outlook add-in, your recipient's email address is automatically associated to each view by use of an alphanumeric email query string. This allows you to track what your recipients have watched, when, and for how long.

You will find the "vyetoken" appended to the video sharing page URL in the following format:

  • Note: The vyetoken will append to the sharing page URL upon insertion of the video into your email text editor. 
    • This means that the vyetoken will not append if you insert a video into the text editor before indicating a recipient. The recipient must be specified first.
    • Similarly, if you change the recipient after the video has been inserted, the vyetoken will need to be updated. Update your recipient, remove the video thumbnail and URL from the text editor, then re-insert the video.

The vyetoken appended to the URL of video inserted into the Outlook email compose window

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