How do I recover a GoVideo recording that failed to upload?

When creating a recording using the GoVideo Chrome extension, Vidyard temporarily keeps your video in the local storage space utilized by Google Chrome. 

If you experience network problems while using GoVideo, recording will continue as normal. You will have the option to recover the video once the quality of your internet connection has improved.

What to expect when a video fails to upload

Should the quality of your internet connection drop, recording will continue as normal. Once recording has finished, Vidyard will display the following Chrome notification:

Vidyard Chrome notification, indicating your network connect may not be working. Reconnect, then open extension to recover video.

Check your internet connection. It may not be performing optimally.

How to recover a GoVideo recording

Once you have regained an optimal internet connection:

  1. Re-open the GoVideo Chrome extension. You will be prompted to either Recover or Discard your recording.
    GoVideo prompt that appears when reopening the Chrome extension and a video is able to be recovered. Options: recover or discard.
  2. If you choose Recover, Vidyard will begin to upload your recording to a GoVideo sharing page.
    Note: if the upload fails again during recover, try again. Your internet connection may not yet be optimal enough to recover the video.

Note: Your video will begin to encode once recovered. Your video can be viewed, but it will not immediately have a thumbnail, show your position in the video during playback, or allow you to seek to another location.

These features will appear in several minutes once encoding has finished.

Frequently asked questions

What if I have no space in local storage?

If you do not have available space in local storage, Vidyard will not prevent you from recording.

However, should your video fail to upload, Vidyard will be unable to recover it. 

If Vidyard is unable to save your recording locally, you will be alerted by a Chrome notification indicating that Your local save space is lowChrome notification indicating that Vidyard is unable to save your recording locally. Error indicates that: "Your local save space is low. No recovery available if upload fails."

How much local storage space do I have available?

You can check how much local storage space is being utilized by Chrome in the browser console.

  1. Right click anywhere on a browser page and click Inspect
  2. Choose Application from the console menu
  3. Click on Clear storage. This tab will indicate usage and available space. Make space accordingly.Steps to open Chrome browser console and inspect available local storage space
  4. Force quit the Chrome browser and re-open to try again
    • If using Windows: select the red X button or alt+f4 on your keyboard
    • Is using Mac: press cmd+q on your keyboard

How much of my local storage space will Vidyard use?

Vidyard will temporarily use only as much storage space as the size of your video requires. Once the video uploads to a GoVideo sharing page, it will be removed from local storage.

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