How do I start recording with the GoVideo Chrome extension?


Once you have installed the extension from the Vidyard GoVideo webpage and completed the setup process, click on the V-bot icon in the top, right-hand corner of your Chrome browser.

Vidyard icon on the extension bar; top right of the browser window

This will display the GoVideo control panel. Here you can choose what type of recording you would like to perform.
Extension panel open, displaying all modes of recording

Recording Modes

The main recording modes: Tab recording, Screen recording, and Cam Only 

These main modes can be enhanced by enabling the CAM and MIC buttons to either add your voice or webcam to the recording.

From these options, you can select the following possible recording combinations:

  1. "The Selfie Video" -  Cam Only recording with MIC enabled
    Example of extension options to choose for a selfie video - Cam Only
  2. "The Voiceover Video" - Tab or Screen Recording with MIC enabledExample of extension options to choose for screen recording mode with microphone enabledNote: 
    • A Tab recording will only record the current tab you start the recording on and will not record any other tabs you move to.
    • A Screen recording will record the monitor in full-screen and everything within it. This can also be used to record external applications.
    • Please see the following article for more details on Screen vs Tab Recordings
  3. "The Presentation Video" -  Tab or Screen Recording with CAM + MIC enabledExample of extension options to choose for screen recording with both microphone and camera enabledNote
    • When selecting this type of recording, the camera image will appear as a small circle on the bottom left-hand corner of the page (see the image on the right, above).
    • As of right now, the size and position of the camera image are fixed and can not be modified.

Further resources

For more information on how to control your recording (Pause, Stop, Restart etc.) please see our article on how to control the menu for GoVideo recordings

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