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Create a lead capture form event

Important: this article refers to events in Vidyard under the previous legacy experience

If you have not upgraded to the new Events Library, speak with your Customer Success Manager for further information. If you are looking for information about events under the new experience, see our updated documentation.

Lead Capture Events allow you to capture information about who your viewers are. It can be used to associate views with view identity, and to push information into your Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform.

Here's a basic view of what a Lead Capture Event will look like: 

Preview of a Lead capture form

1. Find the Events configuration area

From the Content menu click Players.

Hover your cursor over the player and click Events.
Hovering over a player to click Events.

In Events, select the video where you want to place your events.
Click the Events tab, then select a chapter.

2. Add your lead capture event

  • Click + Add Event.
    Click Add Event 
  • Click Lead Capture, then click + Add Event.
    Select Lead Capture Event, then click Add Event

3. Add your form fields

  • The Form Builder in the Event Builder will appear. 
  • Under Field, type the field name. This is the label for that field which will appear on the form.
  • Enter the ID for this field. This ID tells Vidyard where to send that field's data in your MAP or CRM.
    Find the correct field ID: 
    • Any field you create in this form must first exist in your MAP or CRM. 
    • The ID is simply the name of the field in your MAP or CRM, with multiple words separated by a hyphen (field-name). Example: for a field named Date of Birth in your MAP, enter date-of-birth into the ID field for your lead capture form.
      Note: For help figuring out the name of a field in your MAP or CRM, consult your platform's documentation. 
  • Optionally, enter a Value for your field. A value will pre-populate this field with the given value.
    Tip: You can add a Value to a hidden field to submit hidden content to your MAP, such as a campaign ID or other searchable data.  
  • See the chart below for a list of which fields will push into your particular platform.
    Add field name and field ID 
  • Click + Add Field to add your field into the form.
  • Optionally, click + Default Fields to quickly add four common fields into your form: Email, First Name, Last Name, Company.
  • If you want any of your added fields to be hidden, click the eye icon beside the field. The eye will be crossed out, and the field will be grayed to show that it is hidden.
    Event form builder. 
  • If you want form submissions to be sent to an email address, toggle Send emails to ON and enter an email.
  • Click Done to add your form to the Event Builder.  
    Done button in the bottom right corner of the form.

4. Optionally, use the Event Builder to add more event elements

  • You will be taken to the Event Builder. The Event Builder will let you easily add other elements into your event. 
  • Learn about how to use the Event Builder here.
  • Finish building your event and click Generate.
    The form fields are visible in the event builder with the option to add more elements.

5. Select a time for the event to appear

  • The Lead Capture Event will appear on the Event timeline.
  • Either enter a time, or drag the blue tab on the timeline to select the time in your video where you would like the Event to appear. If you want the Event to appear Pre or Post-Roll, drag the event to the Pre or Post position on the timeline.
    Note: You can use a pre-roll lead capture event to gate your content, or a post-roll lead capture event as a call to action after your content has been viewed.
    Drag the timebar or enter a time for when the Lead Capture form should appear. 

6. Set your final settings for the event. 

  • You can use the text editor to customize your form. You can also edit the HTML in the Source code area, but if you add customize code you will not be able to edit with the Event Builder with this event anymore.
    The WYSIWYG editor. 
  • Set the transparency of the Event. Toggle the options switches to ON or OFF to determine the following:
    Display Once: The Event will be displayed a single time per player load
    New Contact: The Event will display for users we have not cookied.
    Prefill form: If the viewer has filled out any form with the same fields it will be prefilled.
    Skippable: The Event will have a ‘Skip’ option on the top right.
    Event options set by ON/OFF toggle switches.

7. Publish your event

  • If you would like to preview your saved Event, simply play the video in the preview panel.
    Important: Before you publish the player, always test the form to ensure all its fields are passing data into your MAP. The form will not submit data in preview mode, so it's best to embed the form on a test page before you start – just make sure the javascript code for your MAP's tracking cookie is present on the test page. 
  • Toggle the Publish switch to ON for this Event to be active upon saving. Keep it on OFF if you want the Event to remain a draft after saving.
    Toggle the Publish switch to ON, and click Save.  
  • Click Save.

Which fields can this form pass into my MAP or CRM?

The following fields are automatically passed to your integrated MAP (assuming MAP cookie is present, or an email address is collected if you have a CRM integration).

Note: It is important to note that we can still only pass data to your MAP when a javascript code for your MAP's cookie is present on the page where the player is embedded. MAP cookies are not present on the default sharing page, but can be added to a branded sharing page.

Remember - the ID for any field is the name of the field in your MAP, in this format:  field-name.
For example, if a field name in your MAP is "Date of Birth", but you name the field on your lead capture form "Birthday", the field ID will be date-of-birth (because we use that ID to match this field with your MAP). 

MAPSupported fields
SalesforceEmail, First Name, Last name, Company
MarketoAny field present in your MAP
Oracle Eloqua*Email, First Name, Last Name, Company, City, Business Phone, Address 1, Address 2, Address 3, Fax, Mobile Phone, Title, Sales Person
HubspotAny field present in your MAP
PardotAny field present in your MAP
Act-OnAny field present in your MAP

Additional fields will be linked over time, and this list will be kept up to date.

*Email, First Name, Last Name, Company are included as the default fields when creating a Lead Capture event, to add fields i.e Title, add the Name of the field 'Title' and no capital letters in ID - 'title'.

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