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Using the Event Builder

Important: this article refers to events in Vidyard under the previous legacy experience

If you have not upgraded to the new Events Library, speak with your Customer Success Manager for further information. If you are looking for information about events under the new experience, see our updated documentation.

Whether you are looking to provide your viewers with contact details, redirect them to additional content, or provide them with a form to fill out for lead generation, Events (Calls to Action) are a great way to engage your audience immediately, without leading them away from your content.

The Vidyard Event Builder provides a quick and easy way to build your Events without any development experience. You can use the builder to quickly add any of these to your Event:

  • Background: Add a background image to your event. 
  • Text labels: Large Text and Text elements to create custom labels for contact information or other details.
  • Buttons: Button element to create a button that hyperlinks to a URL.
  • Go to Video: Link to one of the videos in this player's playlist. 
  • Forms: Form feature to add custom fields and a submit button. Data from submitted forms will be emailed to the defined email address.
  1. Click the Event Builder button in the Event editor.
    Note: Learn about how to create events.
    Event Builder button in the WYSIWYG. 
  2. Click any of the left menu tabs to build and add one of those elements.
    The Event Builder has a left side menu with options to add each element type, such as background text, video link, etc. 
    1. Background: 
      • Click Background
      • Paste a direct URL for your image into the Link field. 
      • Click Done
    2. Large Text:
      • Click Large Text and enter your text into the field.
      • Click Done
    3. Text:
      • Click Text and enter your text into the field.
      • Click Done
    4. Button:
      • Click Button and enter a label for the button under Text.
      • Enter the link for the button.
      • Toggle Open in new tab or window to ON or OFF.
      • Enter a width in pixels, or drag the slider to determine the button width.
      • Click Done.
    5. Go to Video:
      • In the Text field type the link text for the video. 
      • Use the Video dropdown to select a video to link to. 
      • Toggle Enable Thumbnail ON or OFF to determine whether the link will show the video's splash screen, or text only. 
      • Optionally, use the Width slider to choose the size of the thumbnail.
      • Click Done.
    6. Form:
      • Click Form.
        Event form builder. 
      • Under Field, type the field name.
      • If needed, type the field ID for this field (useful for forms pushing data into other systems).
        Note: For help selecting the correct field ID, see our article on creating a lead capture event.
      • If you want the field to be pre-filled with a value, add that value to the Value field.
      • Click + Add Field to add your field into the form.
      • If you want a field to be hidden, click the eye icon to hide it. 
      • If you want form submissions to be sent to an email address, toggle Send emails to ON and enter an email.
      • Click Done to add your form to the Event Builder
  3. You can remove or rearrange elements on the Event Builder using the arrow trashcan options.
    Rearrange options on the Event Builder. 
  4. Once you are happy with the design and layout, hit Generate.

You will be sent back to the Event Editor to admire your work! Additional formatting can be applied to the generated Event in the editor, including editing the source code of the Event if needed. 

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