Using oEmbed for Vidyard players

Vidyard allows you to embed your inline players using oEmbed. This allows you to embed content on a content management system (CMS) using a URL rather than by embedding the player directly.

Note: Currently oEmbed is only supported for Vidyard in-line embeds. 

To set this up, you must first register Vidyard as a valid oEmbed provider with your CMS.

Note: For help on how to register Vidyard as a valid oEmbed provider, consult the documentation or support for your CMS. If you are using as your CMS and wish to use a plugin, please see our Wordpress Plugin article.

Our oEmbed endpoint is

You can register the following URL formats:


After you've completed this process, users of your CMS platform will be able to embed Vidyard players via oEmbed using any of the three above URL's. 

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