Create a domain whitelist

Your video content is your own, and sometimes you want to prevent others from sharing your content on their own websites. Using Domain Whitelists, you can prevent others from embedding your player on a domain other than the ones you allow.

Domain Whitelists let you limit specific types of content such as:

  • Internal videos (training, corporate outreach, thought leadership pieces, etc.)
  • Videos behind pay walls
  • Videos behind subscription walls
  • Private content

Note: Setting a domain whitelist does not restrict viewership – it only restricts embed locations. If a viewer can reach the allowed domain, they will be able to see the player’s content.

Find domain whitelist options:

From the Content menu click Players.

Hover your cursor over the player and click Security.
Hovering over a player to click Security.

To set a domain whitelist:

In the Player Domain Whitelist area:

  1. Type the domain where your player will be embedded into the Domain Whitelist field.
    Note: and will automatically be matched. References to http:// and https:// will also be matched. To include all subdomains, use *
  2. Click Add.
  3. You can add as many domains as you need, one at a time.
    Note: By default the player sharing page will still be accessible, but if the sharing page CNAME is not authorized then playback on the player will be restricted. 

Domain whitelist options

  1. Unclick the Enable Sharing Page checkbox if you want to disable the player's sharing page. This prevents those with access to your Vidyard account from sending your sharing page to unauthorized viewers.
    Note: If you want to disable social sharing, go to Social settings in the player Settings tab and unclick Social Sharing.
  2. Click Save.

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