Create a smart campaign using video view data in Marketo

Vidyard and Marketo work together to capture leads and viewer engagement data. More than just viewing the details in Marketo, you can use your viewership analytics to automatically act on your leads using the Smart Campaign functionality.

Viewing engagement data in Marketo

When a known lead watches a Vidyard video player embedded on a Marketo-tagged page, the viewing data is captured in that lead’s Activity Log. Video engagement data appears as either Vidyard Video View or Vidyard Lead Conversion.
Note: For more details on view data, see our article on Video View Data in Marketo

Vidyard data in the Marketo lead activity log.

  1. Vidyard Video View = milestone data representing the duration of time that a lead watched a Vidyard player (0, 25, 50, 75, 100%)
  2. Vidyard Lead Conversion = data representing whenever a lead "converts" (This will trigger when the lead fills a Vidyard form or is identified through an email query string. Marketo forms fills will NOT fire this event).

Step 1: Create a Smart Campaign

You can use the details captured in the Activity Log to take action on your leads in a Smart Campaign. This may include sending the lead an email or changing their lead score once they meet the criteria defined by your Smart Campaign.

Check out Marketo's documentation for a quick and useful overview of Marketo Smart Campaigns.

To begin a Smart Campaign:

  1. Login to Marketo.
  2. Click on the Marketing Activities tab.
  3. Select New Smart Campaign.
  4. Select a Campaign Folder and enter a Campaign Name (a description is optional)
  5. Click Create.

Step 2: Building the Smart List

Once you have created a Smart Campaign, populate the associated Smart List based on view data found in the Activity Log.

In the following Smart List example, the lead must:

  1. Have watched 75 percent of any video in the player entitled "Homepage player", AND;
  2. Have filled out the Vidyard form embedded in the player entitled "Homepage player"

Example of using the Vidyard activities "Watched Vidyard Video" and "Vidyard Lead Converted" to build a smart campaign

Note: Keep in mind, Smart Campaign lists can include Vidyard video triggers as well as other types of Marketo filters (i.e. webpage visits, whether a lead was referred from a social media site, etc). 

Build powerful, more wholistic campaigns by combing video data with different types of lead information.

**It's important to note that due to a Marketo limitation it's possible that the dropdown may not auto-populate with the custom activity values. It is suggested that you paste the exact data from an activity log that you would like to use in the attributes box.

Custom Attributes

Learn about using custom attributes and how to add them to your Vidyard player.

Custom attributes allow you to add extra metadata to your players. You can use this custom information to build and filter Smart Lists based on any additional criteria that you need.

For example, add custom attributes to a player that specify:

  1. Content type (i.e. webinar)
  2. Campaign ID (to categorize assets associated with a campaign)
  3. Cost (to help demonstrate ROI based on leads generated)
  4. Funnel stage (top, middle, or bottom of funnel content)
  5. Any type of criteria that you may need

Custom attributes are pushed to a lead's activity log and listed in the Activity Details of any logged video view.

Marketo Activity Details, custom attributes line

Here we've added a custom campaign ID to the Smart List. 

In addition to filtering by percentage watched and whether a lead has filled out a form, we're also able to understand how assets associated with a particular campaign are performing.

Example of a Smart List trigger using a custom attribute

Step 3: Add a Flow step to your Smart Campaign

After configuring the smart list, you will need to specify an action for Marketo using the Flow tab. Based on the amount of video content watched by your contact, you might set up your Flow to:

  • Change a lead score 
  • Send an email 
  • Change a data field value 
  • Send an alert to the lead owner

Build out your Flow in any way that makes sense for your campaign strategy.

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