Video view data in Marketo

How video views are tracked 

Wondering which video viewers get tracked in Marketo? You've come to the right place.
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Vidyard assigns a tracking cookie to each viewer who watches a video on your page, then uses that cookie to keep track of all their future viewing behavior. Vidyard can then identify that viewer if it can associate that tracking cookie with an email address. Once a viewer has been identified, Vidyard pushes the view data into Marketo. 

There are three ways to identify viewers and allow Vidyard to push view data into Marketo:

  • The viewer is an existing lead in Marketo and is associated with a Marketo cookie
  • The viewer is already known to Vidyard (Vidyard has already associated its cookie with an email address)
  • The viewer has opened a link to a Vidyard player that contains an email query string
  • The viewer has elected to identify themselves through a lead capture form or by having consented to being tracked on a webpage with a Vidyard player.

If a lead within Marketo doesn't meet at least one of the above criteria, Vidyard cannot push their view data into the contact record. However, Vidyard will still track their behavior, so that when any of the above criteria are met, all of that lead's viewing history will be synced. 

If you want to ensure all your Marketo contacts are identified, check out our article on how to Identify your viewers within Vidyard.  

Note: View data is written to Marketo only when a video is viewed on a page with a Marketo tracking code. 

How to check video viewing statistics in Marketo

If you haven't already, you might want to check out our article on How to embed Vidyard video on a Marketo enabled page.

Once you've integrated your Vidyard account with Marketo, video viewing data will appear in the Activity Log of the lead.

Vidyard writes two activity types for the following player activities:

  1. Vidyard Video View = milestone data representing the duration of time that a lead watched a Vidyard video (0, 25, 50, 75, 100%)
  2. Vidyard Lead Conversion = data representing whenever a lead "converts" (filling out a Vidyard form, for example)

Marketo activity log showing Vidyard viewing data.

Vidyard will also push player custom attribute data and metadata into the Activity Log. 

Within the activity log, click on an activity ID to view the activity details. Here you'll find all the metadata and custom attributes associated with the Vidyard player that your lead interacted with.Activity log details, player metadata

Metadata within the Activity Log Details includes:

  • Player ID
  • Video Length
  • Lead ID
  • Player Name
  • Description
  • Video ID
  • Group Name
  • Custom Attributes
  • Percent Viewed
  • Video Name
  • Embed URL

You can use this information to segment and filter view data in any way you need through a Marketo Smart Campaign

It's good to keep in mind it can take up to 3 minutes for the data to appear in Marketo.

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