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At Vidyard, our goal is to make you a star in your career while giving you a phenomenal experience along the way. Because of this, we work hard to get new features and updates to you—fast—while developing innovative and intuitive new tools to help you use video to rock at your job. 

Check back here monthly for updates on the cutting edge tools we're adding to your toolbox: 


A brand new feature
Improvements to existing features
A little message from us to you
 Look and feel  
A significant change to the Vidyard Dashboard.

May-June 2018

See our Summer 2018 update webpage for detailed information and demonstrations.

April 2018


SSO Profiles

Vidyard now allows for the creation of SSO "profiles". Profiles are a way for administrators to create and manage multiple SSO configurations and assign them to different Vidyard groups.

Profiles make it easier to manage SSO in instances where: 

  • Administrators want to grant several sets of video assets to one team, but only some of those same assets to another. For example, both Marketing and Sales share content from customer testimonials, but not website or demo videos.
  • Your company may need to use more than one identity provider (IdP) to manage people and content. You may even use more than one identity provider to grant two sets of teams access to the same Vidyard group.

See our documentation on SAML-based SSO for more information


GoVideo - Copy Link & Thumbnail feature

With the new GoVideo Copy Link and Thumbnail feature, you'll be able to copy a hyperlinked image of a video's thumbnail to your clipboard and paste it into almost any HTML editor.

Some examples of useable HTML editors are:

  • Google Docs
  • Outreach
  • Outlook
  • Microsoft Word
  • Gmail
  • Wordpress
  • Notes (macOS)
  • Salesloft
  • Zendesk
  • Mail (macOS)
For more information about this feature, see our documentation.

March 2018


GoVideo for Outlook (o365) Integration

Great news for you GoVideo users! The Vidyard GoVideo app for Office 365 is available now in the Microsoft AppStore.

  • Easily access and share your video content from directly within Outlook
  • When using the Outlook web app in Chrome and Firefox, record new videos from directly with an email compose window
  • Receive video engagement notifications when a recipient watches your content
  • Continue to have your video library follow you across the ecosystem of GoVideo-enabled apps.

See our documentation for more information about the GoVideo app for Office 365, including requirements, how to enable the integration, and how to use the add-in.

GoVideo rich publishing app in Salesforce Lightning Communities

Salesforce recently released an update to the posting functionality of feeds within Lightning Communities. These changes allow third-party developers to create rich publishing apps that facilitate a deeper, interactive experience between community members.

Naturally, we at Vidyard took this as the perfect opportunity to extend the power of GoVideo into your Salesforce Lightning Communities and feeds.

  • Create and share GoVideo recordings from directly within Salesforce Lightning-based feeds.
  • Access and bring your existing GoVideo library to life 
Make a rich, video-enabled posting experience available to your community members.
Vidyard reporting package for Salesforce--now for marketing

Interested in understanding the impact of using video for marketing? Eager to attribute the influence of video on generated pipeline, opportunities, and revenue?

Last month we brought you the Vidyard GoVideo Reporting Package for Sales, a suite a Salesforce reports and dashboard components to help teams measure the success of using video to sell.

We’ve expanded upon that reporting package, adding additional reports and insights built specifically to help marketers visualize the value and impact of their video content. Use these new reports to understand:

  • Top videos by number of opportunities influenced
  • Top videos by dollar amount of pipeline influenced
  • Top videos by dollar amount of closed revenue influenced
  • Top accounts by video views
  • + more!

If you haven’t already taken advantage of the Vidyard Reporting Package for Sales & Marketing, follow the steps indicated in our documentation to download the package today.

If you’ve previously downloaded the reporting package to access the sales reports and dashboard, fear not. Download the package again from our documentation to receive the new marketing goodies. Your existing sales reports and insights will remain unaffected.

Essentials Training Webinars

Learning Vidyard for the first time? Need a refresher since your initial onboarding? How about a learning resource for new members of your team?

Whatever your circumstance, we understand that learning is a continuous process. That’s why Vidyard Academy has developed and released the first in a new series of webinars called “Essentials Training”.

Divided into two parts, this series offers a recurring, scheduled webinar on the fundamentals of Vidyard product training. Parts 1 and 2 both run ten times per week and cover multiple global time zones. The webinars come at no additional cost to all customers and can be used an unlimited number of times.

Ready to keep learning? Join Vidyard Academy and sign up for the “Vidyard Platform Training Webinars.”

February 2018


Personalized Audio

You’ve likely already seen it in action—personalized video working to create a genuine, human connection with your prospects, clients, and subscribers. The best news? Personalization just got better!

In addition to our current on-demand personalized video services, we’ve introduced audio as a “personalizable” element in your videos. Now each recipient in a personalized video campaign can receive a different, personalized audio track.

Use personalized audio to call out a customer by name. Play their favorite song as a backdrop. Customize a pitch specific to their professional persona. Whatever you choose, make it just for them!

Interested? Speak with your Customer Success Manager for more information about how to get started with personalized audio or any of our other on-demand personalization services.


Zendesk Partner Integration

Sometimes screenshots don’t cut it. Deliver next-level customer support with the Vidyard GoVideo partner application in Zendesk. 

As the newest addition to the GoVideo ecosystem, Zendesk enables users to service customers and respond to support tickets with video. Leverage videos from your existing GoVideo library, or create and share unique, individualized content to make a personal connection and resolve customer problems faster.

Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.


Vidyard GoVideo Reporting Package for Sales

Sales teams are more data-driven than ever—and that’s especially true of organizations using video.

The Vidyard GoVideo Reporting Package for Sales makes it as simple a possible for sales leaders and reps to understand the effectiveness of their video and how it’s impacting their business.

The reports package consists of a set of pre-built reports and dashboards in Salesforce. These were developed based on best practices for measuring the success of teams using video to sell. Use the reports package to understand:

  • Number of reps' videos viewed by contacts and leads
  • Number of reps' videos viewed
  • Dollar amount of pipeline influenced by rep
  • Dollar amount closed with video by rep
  • Average video retention by rep
  • + more!

See our documentation for the Vidyard reporting package or consult with your Customer Success Manager for more information.

January 2018


Offline Recording Recovery with the Vidyard GoVideo Chrome Extension

We’ve all been there—you’re recording a video at your favourite café. The internet cuts out. Productivity drops. Frustration begins to rise.

No need to panic! If you experience network problems while using GoVideo, recording will continue as normal. Once you regain an optimal internal connection, open the GoVideo Chrome Extension to recover your video masterpiece. 

Reliable, stress-free recording. It’s that easy.

For even greater peace of mind, see our documentation or learn more here

Vidyard GoVideo Partner Integrations

That’s right, you can now use GoVideo in more places than ever! 

Through our seamless partner integrations with SalesLoft, Drift, and now Mixmax, you can continue to leverage the power of video wherever your outreach and engagement activities take place.

  • Use GoVideo from within your favorite sales applications
  • Have your video library follow you across the ecosystem of GoVideo-integrated platforms
  • Create, share and track video content from within your existing workflows
See our website for more information on Vidyard integrations and partnerships.
Vidyard Feature Store Refresh

We’ve introduced a ton of new features in the last several months. 360 Video Playback, Playback Speed, SEO Metatags, and much more!

Not all of these features are turned on by default, so you could be missing out on some great functionality. Hop into the feature store or talk to your Customer Success Manager for more information!

A Fresh Start to the New Year

Another January, another opportunity to prepare for the year ahead. 

At Vidyard, our development team is busy sprucing up the backend of the platform to prepare for some exciting new updates that will be coming your way soon. Stay tuned to find out what we have planned for 2018! 

December 2017


Facebook Analytics

For those familiar with our Facebook integration, the ability to push videos from your Vidyard account to Facebook pages and timelines has been a much-loved functionality. Now, with the addition of Facebook analytics to Vidyard, you can get even more out of your integration.

For videos pushed to Facebook pages from the platform, Vidyard will collect complete view counts in the Analytics Center.

Data from Facebook can then be filtered against views from YouTube and Vidyard sources so that you can compare results.

Check our latest documentation for more information on how to take advantage of analytics from Facebook today. 

Vidyard player upgrade (support for 360 video and 4k resolution)

That’s right, Vidyard now supports 360 video! Upload and add 360 videos to the platform and provide with viewers with an immersive, interactive experience. Add 360 videos to playlists and enhance them videos with CTAs and other events. And, as always, receive the same analytics in Vidyard as well as to your MAP/CRM.

See our documentation for more information on 360 video.

As an additional upgrade, the Vidyard player now includes support for greater video resolution, specifically for 4K video.

Automatic transcriptions

Good news! Vidyard now provides automatic, English-language transcriptions for any video uploaded to the Vidyard platform.

Available for free to all paid customers, automatic transcriptions makes it easier than ever to provide captions to your viewers as well as improve accessibility and SEO for videos on your webpages.

We’re currently working through the process of backfilling transcriptions for all paid customer content.

Going forward, videos uploaded to the Vidyard platform will automatically receive a draft of an English-language transcription. Simply visit the Captions tab on any video to review the transcription, make any changes, then publish. It’s that easy!

For customers looking to receive transcriptions with greater accuracy or for languages other than English, Vidyard’s existing paid transcriptions service is still available.


Search engine indexing (hubs and branded sharing pages)

Sometimes your videos are just that—your videos. Many times businesses do not want people to search for content on their hubs or branded sharing pages. That’s why out-of-the-box Vidyard hubs and branded sharing pages prevent search engines like Google from indexing your videos.

Ready to show your videos to the world? Toggle ON the Enable search engine indexing option on your hub or branded sharing page and watch the views start rolling in.

November 2017

Events Library
Create and manage a set of meaningful events from one central location in the platform--the Vidyard Events Library! It’s now easier than ever to use events to generate leads and control the content journey of your viewers.
  • Apply events effortlessly to one or several players in your account.
  • Spend less time creating and more time leveraging the power of events across your video assets.
  • Update events across your players from one central location
  • And most importantly, never create the same event twice!

Speak with your Customer Success Manager for more information on how to migrate to the new Events Library.


SalesLoft + Vidyard GoVideo
SalesLoft is now Vidyard GoVideo enabled! Experience all your favorite GoVideo features natively from within SalesLoft.

  • Create and send video content from within a SalesLoft compose window
  • Receive viewer notifications to your email address
  • Video content recorded from the GoVideo Chrome extension follows you into SalesLoft
  • Supported across various browsers (with varying functionality), including Chrome, Firefox, IE11, Edge, and Safari

Interested? Have the appropriate administrator enable the Vidyard integration in SalesLoft for your team to begin!

Public Custom Attributes (Player API)
Public custom attributes are now available through the Vidyard Player API. 

In addition to public metadata such as name, description, height and width, you can now leverage custom attributes to serve up viewer engagement data coupled with contextual information about the player.

  • Pass arbitrary data into your web analytics systems, such as Google or Adobe Analytics, and associate that data with video engagement.
    For example: utilize campaign IDs, product SKUs, product types, company team names, etc.
  • Control the look and behavior of your web pages based custom attributes from the player.
    For example: pull in a footer and header specific to type of content, such as webinar or customer testimonial. Or, you might populate a related videos list based on an attribute common to several players.
  • Understand viewer engagement into relation to campaign IDs, product types, or company team.

September 2017

ViewedIt is now Vidyard GoVideo

You may have noticed that your favorite video app has a new identity.  

The new name, Vidyard GoVideo, emphasizes the evolution and capabilities of the product--inspired by the way our users have used it to ‘go video’.

But the most exciting news is the launch of our partner ecosystem, enabling business technology providers to bring the power of video messaging to their own applications, powered by Vidyard GoVideo.

MAP data parity

We’ve made several significant updates to the types of video view data that we push to marketing automation platforms (MAPs) integrated with Vidyard.

This September we achieved MAP data parity! This means that Vidyard now provides the same types of video view data to all our MAP integrations.

Whether you use Oracle Eloqua, Hubspot, Marketo, Salesforce or Pardot, you can now leverage of the full breadth of data that Vidyard provides to nurture, score, and segments your leads.

Across marketing automation platforms, we now push the following standard pieces of information:

How do I start taking advantage of the full extent of this data?

Each of the following MAPs have a different path to upgrade. Speak with your Customer Success Manager (CSM) to ensure that the correct steps are followed.

August 2017

Behind-the-scenes (Facebook Analytics & the new Events Library)
Two new and exciting features are on their way!
  1. Facebook Analytics and changes to the way data is filtered within the Vidyard Analytics Centre
  2. The Vidyard Events Library, an intuitive and more powerful way to create and leverage events across your video assets. 
For more detailed information, check out this month's behind-the-scenes preview with Customer Success Manager, Rebecca, and Product Manager, Ji!
ViewedIt camera preview
Ever have to restart a ViewedIt recording several times? The lighting isn't perfect, your hair not quite right? Something stuck in your teeth? Introducing the ViewedIt camera preview:

Before, users did not have the best sense of how their recording might look until they began. Now, with the camera preview functionality, you can better prepare for your video before the recording begins!
ViewedIt push to YouTube
If you ask, we shall deliver! So far, you've been able to share your ViewedIt videos via email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or through the ViewedIt sharing page.

Now, share your videos far and wide with YouTube!

Easily upload your videos to YouTube straight from the ViewedIt sharing page. Simply connect your YouTube account to ViewedIt and then begin to share. It's quick and easy!
Unstructured metadata reporting in Vidyard
When creating event forms in Vidyard, you may sometimes need to gather additional types of data outside of the video view data typically captured in Vidyard reports.

For example, you may add the fields "favorite color" and "shoe size" to a Vidyard form.

These types of arbitrary field data are now captured in Vidyard Individual Viewer reports as unstructured metadata. The data appears in JSON format, allowing you to manipulate the data and gain a greater understanding of your viewers.
Experimental ViewedIt Dashboard
Coming at you straight from Vidyard Laboratories: the ViewedIt Enterprise Dashboard!

The ViewedIt Enterprise Dashboard is an experimental feature that customers can choose to have activated. Speak to your Customer Success Manager if you are interested in earlier access to this feature.

Currently the Dashaboard provides valuable information and greater insights specific to ViewedIt. For example:
  • The Number of ViewedIt Enterprise users invited vs. the number of users who have accepted
  • The number of videos that ViewedIt users have created
  • The number of views from users' ViewedIt videos. 
Important: keep in mind, the ViewedIt Dashboard is an experimental feature and may go through several changes and iterations overtime.
Upgrade to Vidyard for Oracle Eloqua integration
The Vidyard integration for Oracle Eloqua has received and upgrade!
New Data: whereas previously users received view data in the form of UUID, Video Name, Email Address, Video Attention Span, and Percentage Viewed, we've now added the following additional fields
  • Player Name, Group Name, Embed Url, Custom Attributes, Date, Video ID, Player UUID
Simply add these additional fields to the Vidyard custom object in Oracles Eloqua to start receiving the new data. Consult with your CSM and refer to the documentation for guidance on how to proceed with the upgrade.

New Behavior: With the addition of these new data fields also comes some new, positive behaviors
  • Whereas previously, Vidyard simply updated an existing custom object record in Oracle Eloqua when an individual loaded a player more than once; now, Vidyard will create a new custom object record for each new player load.
  • Whereas previously, Vidyard tracked the total percentage of a video watched, it now tracks the unique percentage watched.
New Vidyard email alerts
Introducing the new Vidyard email alerts.

We've redesigned our email alerts to be both more functional and intuitive. More importantly, they're accessible! Accessible color contrast, design, and alternate text makes these emails screen-reader friendly :)

July 2017


Embed Code 4.0
We are pleased to introduce a huge update to the Vidyard Embed Codes. These new embed codes are smaller, optimized and responsive right out of the box meaning it’s even easier to configure and share your Vidyard player. 

Player Insights Graphs
The Vidyard Dashboard is now home to a new set of player analytics graphs. We’ve reconceptualized the dashboard insights area to provide you with more relevant and tangible data upfront.

Currently this information includes a video views, click-through rate, and player engagement graph.
For a more detailed explanation of both Embed Code 4.0 and the new Player Insights Graphs, check out our behind-the-scenes preview with Customer Success Manager, Rebecca, and Product Manager, Ji.

June 2017


YouTube & Vidyard
Have questions about how to add, link, push, and sync video content between YouTube and Vidyard? Check out our newest help video to learn all things about Vidyard's YouTube integration and best practices for managing your content between the two platforms.

Welcome to learn.vidyard.com!
Vidyard has re-launched a newly branded learn.vidyard.com with up-to-date content and more to come. Have a suggestion for a key video you want to see? Contact technical support!
@VidyardHelps Twitter Handle
Vidyard Technical Support can now be contacted in real time through @VidyardHelps to solve your quick questions on the fly. Tweet us your questions; we're happy to help!
Change Group Search Function
Switching between groups within your organization just got easier! When you select Group > Change Group from the main dashboard, you now have the ability to search for groups within your organization as well as toggle your view of ViewedIt subgroups ON/OFF.

May 2017


GIF splash screens
Enjoy greater creativity over how your players and videos are presented with our GIF splash screen update. You can now generate your own GIF splash screen by choosing a section of your video to animate.

Average attention span data
More information is now at your fingertips in Vidyard analytics reports. Reports segmented by video now include data indicating the average seconds per video viewed as well as the average percentage watched.
ViewedIt restart recording
Previously, if you made a mistake while recording a ViewedIt video, you had to wait for that video to load, delete it, then start again. ViewedIt now allows you to restart a recording without having to load a new session. Record as many takes as you like!
Bulk users CSV upload
New users may now be invited to a group within your Vidyard account by uploading a CSV file. Rather than invite a large number of users individually, the CSV upload option makes it easier to invite multiple users all at once.
Join & Edit Sub-group Players role permission
An additional permission now exists for administrators that controls the ability of other users within the parent group to access and edit sub-group content.

April 2017


Adaptive quality streaming
Vidyard has always provided the ability to downgrade the quality of the stream based on the amount of buffering the viewer is doing. Now, the player can automatically downscale or upscale the video quality based on the available bandwidth. We will begin rolling this out to customers over the next month. If you are interested in turning this on, reach out to your CSM or Support.


SSO Secured playback on branded sharing pages
Similar to how many of you have set up single sign on for a branded video hub, you can now do the same for sharing pages as well! This will allow you to secure individual videos that can be shared internally to anyone authenticated with your SSO provider. Use this to let your teams share video messages with each other confidentially.


Wordpress Plugin
Our new Wordpress plugin makes it easier than ever to embed Vidyard players into your self-hosted Wordpress pages and posts. Once installed, you’ll be able to embed a player by simply pasting a URL into the page. If you’re looking to get set up, reach out to the Vidyard support team today.


Player API Visitor ID
In order to make the data Vidyard collects available to the other platforms you use, we have now exposed our Vidyard cookie ID. This will work in conjunction with our analytics subscription API to help map Vidyard viewer data with the other data platforms your teams work with.

March 2017

 Look and feel  
Get ready to meet the new Vidyard user interface!
On April 3 the Vidyard platform is getting a spiffy new look! While most of the changes are cosmetic or aimed at improving our mobile usability, the biggest change is our new menu structure. All your feature will remain the same, but we've redesigned the platform menus to reflect a more intuitive, workflow-based navigation.
Learn more about this change in this blog post from one of our Product Managers.
 Look and feel  
Our Knowledge Center got a new look too - did ya notice?
In an effort to constantly improve our knowledge and learning experience, the Vidyard Knowledge Center has got a new look and feel. You can now log into the Vidyard platform from the site header, and we've added a new 'Quick Answers' section for quick answers to common support questions. All of our User Guides are still here to help you learn and navigate the Vidyard features and integrations. At the end of each article is a feedback form. We'd love to hear your feedback on this new experience!
Do you love Salesloft? Now love Vidyard and Salesloft together!
With the new Vidyard for Salesloft Integration you can increase your response rates, personalize your cadence, and humanize sales outreach.
Sign up for a free trial today! 
Send Vidyard Analytics to your favorite applications with our new Analytics endpoints!
The long awaited Analytics endpoints have finally arrived! With this new tool you can send analytics from your Vidyard players to your favorite tools. This makes use of our API's, so some developer work is required to set it up.
This feature is available in beta. To learn more please contact your Customer Success Manager.
Use Google authentication to secure your Video Hubs!
If you use G Suite at your company (formerly Google Apps for Work), you can now secure your Video Hub so that all your Hub content is only accessible to those signed in using Google SSO authentication.
Learn how to set this up! 
View Live Stream analytics
After a Vidyard Live stream ends, the streamed video is immediately converted to an on-demand asset. We've improved the Live Stream Analytics experience so that you can now view live views separately from on-demand views.
Learn more about Vidyard Live.

February 2017

 Look and feel 

New User Interface is coming soon! 
You may have heard the rumors... whispers spoken in hushed, reverent tones. Well the rumors are true - in early April we're excited to bring to you a new user interface for the Vidyard Dashboard, with a better experience and workflow.
Contact support or your Customer Success Manager to get early access, and log into the Vidyard Dashboard to see a preview!


oEmbed support for inline player embeds! 
You can now embed your inline Vidyard players using oEmbed. This allows you to embed content on a content management system (CMS) using just a URL rather than by embedding the player directly.
Learn how to set up oEmbed here.


Secure your players to authenticated websites using using JSON Web Tokens
You can secure Vidyard players to your authenticated web pages so that they can only be viewed by authorized audiences. Securing players in this way on your secure site ensures that the video content won’t be sharable outside of the authenticated platform.
To set up this security feature contact your CSM or Support. 


Vidyard Live's channel-style streaming experience just got even slicker! 
The Vidyard Live player provides channel-style streaming, which allows you to broadcast a stream into your player multiple times by providing you with one set of stream credentials that does not expire. We just released an update which adds each new stream to the player as an on-demand asset as soon as the stream has ended, so that now viewers have immediate access to each stream, even if your channel is still open!
Learn more about channel-style streaming in the Vidyard Live player here.  


Public custom attributes allow you to dynamically load content in player events
Custom attributes are additional metadata that you can add to your Vidyard player. There are many powerful and creative uses for these features, but until recently the data was private and only accessible through our Dashboard API. Now you have the option of setting public custom attributes as well, which you can access in calls-to-action through player events.
Learn more about public vs private custom attributes


Remotely manage your browser sessions
Vidyard now allows you to log into multiple browsers at the same time, and we provide you with a list of active browser sessions (that is, browsers where you're still logged in) and allow you to remotely log out of those sessions if needed.
Learn more about remotely managing your browser sessions


SEO optimize your video content with Vidyard's Player SEO
Vidyard's new player SEO feature is now available in beta! Set up this feature to inject metadata about your Vidyard player into the metadata of your webpage so Google can crawl it. Your player name, description, transcript text and more!
Contact your CSM to try out this beta feature.
Learn more about Player SEO here, and learn more about all Vidyard's SEO features here. 


Customize the sharing page for your ViewedIt videos
You can now add customized branding to the sharing page where viewers watch your ViewedIt videos. To learn how to set this up, contact your CSM.
Learn more about ViewedIt Enterprise

January 2017                 


You asked for an Android mobile SDK, and now it's here
Vidyard's mobile SDK for Android is now available!  This mobile SDK (software developer's kit) lets you build the Vidyard experience right into your Android app. (And yes, we also have a mobile SDK for iOS too!)
Check out Vidyard's Android mobile SDK.


We've changed how to set up a default email gate
We've made a slight change in the process for adding a default email gate. Previously, you could add an email gate to all new players in the default player settings. Now, you can add an email gate as a default event - this will apply the email gate to all players in your group. (You can opt individual players out of default events in the player-level settings). If you had email gates enabled for new players in your default settings you will find that your email gates have been migrated to the default events tab.
Learn more about how to set up a default email gate


More flexibility for moving your players
In order to give you more flexibility to move resources throughout your organization, you can now transfer (or 'release') players from a sub-group to your parent group or other sub-groups. (Previously, you could only move players from parent groups to sub-groups).
Note: Analytics are not transferred with the player. If you have any questions please contact your CSM.
Learn more about transferring players


Your Marketo forms are even better now! 
Marketo forms now check to see if the lead is already known to your Marketo instance. This means you can now pre-fill the form for known leads, or even skip it entirely. It’s up to you!
Learn how to add a Marketo form into your event


Introducing ViewedIt Enterprise!
We're very excited to announce the launch of ViewedIt Enterprise - the simple but powerful tool that puts the power of video into the hands of your sales teams. ViewedIt Enterprise equips your sales teams to pair screen recordings and personal video messages with the best videos from across your business, then track who watched what.
Learn more about ViewedIt Enterprise

December 2016


Improvements to accessibility
Accessibility is sometimes overlooked when creating and hosting video content. We know that it’s important (and even essential) to many of you, and that’s why we are constantly improving accessibility standards in Vidyard. This month we've made the following improvements:

  • We've improved the ordering of the player controls so the tab key will follow a generally accepted order
  • Keyboard commands such as using space to pause or play
  • Compatibility with Windows High Contrast mode - Improved compatibility with screen readers

Multi-track audio
Vidyard now supports the uploading of H.264 encoded video files with multiple AAC audio tracks. This can be used for videos with audio in multiple languages, or videos requiring descriptive audio.

 Look and feel 

Playlist improvements
The playlist icon in your video play now shows which chapter you are watching, and how many total chapters are in the player.

November 2016


Build Vidyard into your iPhone apps with our new mobile SDK for iOS
Fallen in love with Vidyard? Ready to move in together? Ya - right back atcha. That's why we've developed an SDK (software developer's kit), to let you build the Vidyard experience right into your iOS app.


Are you ready for a simpler way to manage your Vidyard videos?
I hope so, because the new Vidyard video library is ready for you. The new video library lets you access and manage your uploaded videos without opening a player. It's still in beta, but we really like you guys - so heck, if you want early access, just ask your CSM or let support know, and it's all yours.


Channel-style streaming in Vidyard Live
Vidyard Live now supports channel-style streaming. This allows you to embed a Vidyard Live player in your page, which becomes your 'channel', then broadcast to that channel multiple times. This allows you to have one centralized streaming location where viewers can check back frequently for more great content.
Learn more about channel-style streaming here in the Vidyard Live guide. 

 Look and feel 

Why can't security features be pretty?
If you’re using access codes (one of our robust security features) you’ve probably noticed that recently the authorization screen has been improved with a clean new look-and-feel. See ya later ugly access code screen!


Playlist support for Salesforce Lightning Community
We've just released an update to our Vidyard for Salesforce AppExchange application package which allows players embedded in a Salesforce Lightning Community to display a playlist open on the page.
Click here to update your application package.
Vidyard players can be embedded in a Salesforce Lightning Community using the Vidyard Video Player Lightning component found here.  

October 2016


Live stream captioning
If you want to caption your live streamed event, look no further because Vidyard Live now supports live stream captioning in any language. Learn about live stream captioning here, or learn more about Vidyard Live. 


Get ViewedIt - the easiest way for anyone to create, send and track videos - free! 
We're so excited to announce that Vidyard has launched a brand new product that's free for anyone to use! ViewedIt is a free chrome extension that allows you to record your screen together with audio and a front-facing camera from your Chrome browser, all with just one click! You then can immediately share the player from an instant sharing page, or directly from Gmail. On top of all that you'll be notified as soon as someone has watched your video!
You can try it right now - install it at ViewedIt.com!


Big improvements to the HubSpot integration! 
Do you use HubSpot? It's time to get excited! When you integrate Vidyard with HubSpot you can now get detailed video view data posted to a contact's event timeline each time they watch a video! You'll have access to the date and time the view occurred, the percentage of video watched, number of seconds watched, the player and video names and much more! This much detail will help you create the perfect smart lists and lead scoring models customized to your needs.
Check it out! Learn more about our HubSpot integration.
If you already have the HubSpot integration and would like to get the new functionality, just follow these quick steps.

September 2016


Send personalized video email from inside Salesforce
Sending a personalized video email is hands down the most engaging way to make a personal connection with your leads and prospects. Your sales teams can send a personalized video email to your leads with a personalized thumbnail linking a copy of your video personalized with their information - and this can all be done from inside Salesforce!

Learn more about how to send a personalized video email in Salesforce.
Learn more about Vidyard for Salesforce, or learn more about personalized video


Make your player interactive with new advanced annotations! 
Vidyard's new advanced annotations appear within a player while a video plays, allowing you to enrich your video content with just about any extra content you need.

This allows you to add rich interactivity to your video right from inside the player. You can add in-player downloads, links to shopping carts or other videos, surveys, and more. Vidyard annotations are incredibly flexible, giving you the power to customize them for just about any use you can dream up.

Learn about all the possibilities on our blog, or learn how to use advanced annotations at the Knowledge Center.

Add a default Marketo form to all the players in your group
You can now quickly and easily add a Marketo form as a default event to all the players in your group.
Learn how right here, or learn more about our Marketo integration.

New default player setting: Playlist remains open
You can set the playlist on a Vidyard player to always be open beside your embedded player. This option has always been available on a per-player level, but now you have the option to set it as a default design setting. 

Default player settings act allow you to select the default settings for all new players created.
Learn more about default player settings


Adobe Experience Manager integration version 1.0.2 is now available
We've released another upgraded version of our Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) integration to fix an bug that prevented searching with special characters. Download the latest AEM package here

The Adobe Experience Manager integration allows your content creators to easily embed Vidyard players into your AEM pages, while giving you control over where they can be embedded

See the AEM changelog for all future updates to the integration.


Vidyard interactive event forms now pass data from any form fields into Act-On
Anyone using our Act-On integration can now use Vidyard forms to pass data from any form field into Act-On. When creating a Vidyard form, just make sure the fields you add already exist in your Act-On instance, and that the field names match. And just like that your Vidyard form will pass this data into Act-On!

This isn't just limited to Act-On either! Check out our lead capture events article (below), and find out how Vidyard forms connect with your integrated MAP or CRM.
Learn more about Vidyard lead capture events.

August 2016


Sign into the Vidyard for Gmail app with your Google account
If you use a Gmail email address for your Vidyard account, your life just got a little easier. Now you can sign into the Vidyard app in Gmail quickly using Google sign-in so you can start sending video emails faster.
Learn more about sending video emails in Gmail.


Create captions from scratch right from inside Vidyard
You now have the ability to write captions for your video right from inside the Vidyard platform! With this latest addition to our suite of captioning features, you can now create, upload, request, edit, require approval for, and download captions - all without leaving Vidyard. Adding captions to your video helps improve SEO, accessibility, and gives you the opportunity to expand your audience to speakers of other languages.
Learn how to createcaptions for your videos


Easily add a Marketo form to your Vidyard player
It just got a whole lot easier to add a Marketo form to your Vidyard player. If you have a Marketo integration set up you can now add a Marketo form to your Vidyard event simply by submitting your form ID.
Learn how to quickly add a Marketo form to yourVidyard event


'Choose your own adventure' style player events
'Choose your own adventure' events transform viewers into active participants in your video content by allowing them to select the video they want to watch next based on their interest or use-case. This way you can send viewers to content that is more personal and relevant to them, rather than sticking everyone with the same general playlist.  
Learn more about 'choose your own adventure' events


Segment Vidyard reports by embed location
With this addition to Vidyard's reporting feature, you can now generate reports with data segmented by player, video, viewers, and now - embed locations. Embed location reports will show data broken down by which player was loaded, and the URL where the player was loaded.
Learn more aboutVidyard Reports


Add hidden fields and pre-filled values to Vidyard forms
You can now add hidden fields and pre-filled values to Vidyard forms. You can use these features together to secretly submit data with each lead's form submission, adding that data to your lead's record in your CRM or MAP.
Learn more about Vidyard forms


Use custom attributes and player metadata to create better smart list filters
Vidyard now pushes player metadata and custom attributes into Marketo along with video view data. Custom attributes allow you to add custom metadata to your players. This gives you the opportunity to create better, more specific filters and smart lists within Marketo. Learn more about finding view data in Marketo, or learn how to build a Marketo smart campaign using Vidyard data


Control captions with the Player API
You now have the to enable or disable captions using the Player API. Learn about these methods, or learn more about the Player API.


Adobe Experience Manager integration update
We've just released an upgraded version of our Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) integration. This integration allows your content creators to easily embed Vidyard players into your AEM pages while maintaining control over where they can be embedded. We have released a changelog for the AEM integration to log all future updates to the integration. Download the latest AEM package here


Whitelist multiple domains with domain restriction
We've added the ability to add multiple domains to Vidyard's popular domain restriction security feature. This allows you to restrict a player so it can only be embedded on the web domains which you determine.
Learn more about domain restriction.


Track view data with Google Tag Manager
We've developed some code that will make use of our Progress Events feature, which pushes information through Google Tag Manager into systems like Google Analytics at certain viewing milestones (% of video viewed) during video playback.
Learn how to use Google Tag Manager to make the magic happen.


Capture more and better lead data with progressive profiling
You can now use progressive profiling across multiple forms within a Vidyard player to collect data from a lead as they consume more content. It's a fantastic way to build a profile about your leads without overwhelming them with requests for data all at once.
Learn how to use progressive profiling.

July 2016


Add a background image to your player events
You can now spice up your events by adding an image as the background to any event.
Learn how to customize your events with the Event Builder.


Write notes to your transcriber
We've added a Notes field to the transcription requests feature. If you want to give some direction to your transcriber (for example: "Don't translate these technical terms"), you can now add them to the Notes field.
Learn more about requesting transcriptions


Introducing the all-new Vidyard.com! 
We're delighted to announce the launch of our new website! The new Vidyard.com helps you learn how you can use the video intelligence platform to advance your career. Take a look around and enjoy!


Push data into any application with progress events
Vidyard Progress Events allow you trigger any javascript action in-browser when a player hits a certain viewing milestone (% of video watched). Most commonly, this feature is used to push engagement data into any third party application you'd like at specified viewing milestones.javascript action in-browser when a player hits a certain viewing milestone (% of video watched). Most commonly, this feature is used to push engagement data into any third party application you'd like at specified viewing milestones.
Learn more about progress events.

  Look and feel  

We gave player settings and default player settings a makeover
We noticed that the player settings were starting to look a little crowded (so many tools, so little space!). So we freshened up their layout to give them better organization and breathing room. Head over to your player settings page and check it out!
Learn about what your player settings do.


Set a default caption
For videos with captions in multiple languages, you can now select a default caption. The caption you select will be on by default for players where captions are set to appear automatically.
Learn more about adding captions or requesting transcriptions of your videos. 


Add additional metadata to your players with custom attributes! 
Custom attributes are a powerful and flexible way to add additional metadata to a player. This allows you to classify your players in custom and creative ways, giving you heaps of control over how your integrated platforms can identify and sort your players. Check out our brand new article about custom attributes that will show you how this feature works, and how you can use it.
Learn more about custom attributes


Take control of your personalized video with personalized video API
Vidyard’s personalized video API gives you the ability to render new copies of your personalized video, giving you the ability to reuse a personalized video multiple times, and send it to as many leads as you'd like.
Learn more about personalized video API.


Time to update your Salesforce Vidyard Video Player lightning components!
We've just updated the Vidyard Video Player lightning component (which allows you to easily embed Vidyard players into your lightning-experience Salesforce Community pages), in response to the Summer '16 update for Lightning Components, that Salesforce just released. If you have this component installed, go to this link to update it.


Vidyard Feature Store trial launch
Vidyard has launched a new Feature Store. The Vidyard platform is rich and flexible, so naturally, Vidyard users each need a different set of tools to execute their video strategy. And of course, as your strategy grows and improves, the tools you need may change. The Vidyard Feature Store displays all the features that Vidyard offers you, and gives you more control over which features you use. Currently, it is available to trial users only, but if you'd like to try it out, contact your Customer Success Manager and we'll get you set up.
Learn more about the Feature Store.


Duplicate a player
We've gotten a few requests recently on whether or not you can duplicate a player — well the answer is yes, easily! You can make a copy of a player in your group, or copy it to any group you're a part of. Visit the Knowledge Center to learn how to duplicate a player.

June 2016


Send video emails with Outlook or Gmail: Vidyard Engage beta
Vidyard Engage is now in beta! Vidyard Engage (including new Outlook and Gmail integrations) makes sending video email as easy as attaching a PDF. integrations) makes sending video email as easy as attaching a PDF. Vidyard Engage makes it easy for any customer-facing team to create, send, and track video with intelligence on viewership.
Learn more about Vidyard for Outlook and Vidyard for Gmail.


Copy a role and its permissions between groups with Role Duplication
Managing user roles within a larger organization can get pretty labor-intensive. To make things easier for you, Vidyard allows you to copy a role and its permissions into another group, with the option to invite all your users to that group as well.
Learn more about role duplication.


Video trimming in the Vidyard platform
You can shorten a video right in Vidyard with video trimming. When you shorten a video with the Vidyard Trim feature, a new video will be created with the trimmed clip you selected. This way you will always have access to the full-length video if you need it!
Learn more about video trimming.


Easily embed Vidyard players into your web page with Vidyard for Adobe Experience Manager
Vidyard's new integration with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) lets you add a Vidyard component to your AEM page. This way your web content team can add video to your website in a snap, and get the analytics you need to make sure you’re always delivering the most-desired content.  
Learn more about Vidyard for Adobe Experience Manager.


Set Default Events for the players in your group!
Vidyard now supports Default Events for your groups. Default events that you create will be added to all the players across your whole group, so if you want to add the same event to all the players in your group, you now don’t need to add each one individually.
Learn more about Default Events.


Secure a player to your authenticated Video Hub, or to Salesforce Chatter
The Secure Platform Whitelist restricts playback so this player can only be viewed on a secure platform: either Salesforce Chatter or an authenticated Whitelist restricts playback so this player can only be viewed on a secure platform: either Salesforce Chatter or an authenticated Vidyard Video Hub.
Learn more about the Secure Platform Whitelist.


Sync YouTube captions with your Vidyard video captions
We've now added YouTube caption syncing to the other types of metadata that will sync between YouTube and Vidyard in our YouTube integration.
Learn more about how you can push Vidyard videos to YouTube.


Live stream real-time dashboard lets you track your live viewers' experience in real-time! 
Vidyard Live now has a dashboard which provides real-time data on your live viewers and their experience. While you stream you now have access to your number of viewers and their location, tracking of your number of viewers over time, and approximate time count, and a chart tracking whether viewers are experiencing playback interruptions, such as buffering.
Learn more about the Live stream dashboard.


Filter caption cue errors
When editing captions in Vidyard you can now filter your captions to show errors only — just to make it a bit easier for you to get everything in working order.
Learn more about editing closed captions in a Vidyard video

May 2016


Up Next notification
We've added an 'Up Next' notification to the Vidyard players. With this feature enabled, a small box displays on the player in the final 5 seconds of a video, showing which video is up next in the playlist. You can turn this on or off in the player settings


Set up direct billing for transcription requests
Organizations who have their own account with Cielo24 can now set up direct billing through Cielo24, rather than having the billing go through Vidyard.
Learn how to set up direct billing with Cielo24 with transcription requests.


Add a screenshot to your personalized video campaign! 
Show off your website and skyrocket your engagement with a screenshot in your personalized video campaign.
Learn more about personalized video.


Add a CC: field to your Salesforce video email 
We've added a CC: field to the Send Video Email function in Salesforce, so that you can now copy other contacts to your Salesforce video emails.
Learn more about sending video emails in Salesforce.  


More fields are now pushed into Oracle Eloqua from a Vidyard lead capture event
Before a Vidyard lead capture event pushed only the standard fields into Oracle Eloqua: Email, First Name, Last Name, and Company. 
Now we push a whole bunch more: Email, First Name, Last Name, Company, City, Business Phone, Address 1, Address 2, Address 3, Fax, Mobile Phone, Title, Sales Person. Oh my!
Learn more about Vidyard lead capture events, and the metadata fields we push into MAP's

 Look and Feel 

Terminology change: We've replaced the term Chapters with Video
Previously we've referred to the individual videos within a playlist as 'Chapters'. We found that this distinction caused more confusion than clarity, so we've simplified our terminology. The videos within a playlist are now just called 'Videos', instead of 'Chapters'. Ahh, makes a lot of sense, doesn't it?
Learn more about the difference between videos and players

 Look and Feel 

Reorganize the player Share options
We changed the way your embed and sharing options are laid out, and added an option to embed your player in an email campaign.
Learn more about publishing your player.

April 2016


Edit video captions right in the Vidyard platform
If you need to make some adjustments to the content or timing of your captions you can now do so right in Vidyard with our caption editor.
Learn about the caption editor


Scheduled reports
You can  now schedule a report to generate repeatedly, to give you consistent updates on how your Vidyard players are doing.
Learn more about scheduled reports


Vidyard Live now supports backup live stream endpoints
With Vidyard Live you can now stream simultaneously to your main endpoints, and a backup endpoint.
Learn more about Vidyard Live — a simple and reliable live stream solution. 

 Look and Feel 

New brand colors in platform
You may have noticed an attractive new look to the Vidyard platform recently — we've updated the platform to reflect our new brand colors. And yes, we do feel pretty. 


Eloqua integrations are moving to the Eloqua AppCloudintegrations are moving to the Eloqua AppCloud
Eloqua is migrating their third party integrations to an AppCloud. In response, integrations to an AppCloud. In response, Vidyard integrations for Eloqua need to be migrated to the new integrations for Eloqua need to be migrated to the new Vidyard for Eloqua App. This means that if you set up your Eloqua integration before April 2016, you may need to migrate your integration to the new app. Don't worry - this is quick and painless, and all the functionality of your current integration will remain the same.
Learn how to migrate your integration. If you're unsure if this applies to you, contact support@vidyard.com.

March 2016


Vidyard dashboard now supports SAML Single Sign-On (SSO) Authentication
Vidyard supports SAML-Based Single Sign-On (SSO), which is a secure way to streamline your team’s sign-on and user-creation process. If your company uses any SAML-based SSO system, you can now use it to authenticate with Vidyard!
Learn more about Vidyard dashboard SSO


Live stream countdown timer for Vidyard Live
Now when you're live streaming an event with Vidyard Live, you can embed the player ahead of time, and your viewers will see a slick-looking timer that counts down to the live stream start time.
Check out the Vidyard Live live stream player.


Subscribe to contact updates
You can now subscribe to contacts in the Vidyard Contacts Center to receive email updates on that contact's activity.
Learn about how to subscribe to a contact

 Look and Feel 

We've moved video captions to their own tab
We moved the captions features to their own 'captions' tab. We're going to be building this feature out in the coming months, so we've got to make room. Keep your eyes open for more captions updates!
Learn more about video captions in Vidyard

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